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Six of Swords ~ Smart Choices

By Caroline :: :: 3 comments

What has been a source of stress for you lately? The Six of Swords shows that you may be feeling drained, low and possibly even exhausted. Perhaps work has been stressful, you may be under pressure in legal or financial matters, or perhaps you’ve been caught up in a hurtful relationship that is making you unhappy.


Maybe you need a break to refresh and recharge? A break, time off or even a vacation would do you wonders. The Six of Swords is linked to travel, the sea and coastal places, so it could be that a well-deserved beach holiday, vacation or even honeymoon may be in your future.

However, a short break may not be enough, depending on the problems you’re facing. You may soon have some tough decisions ahead and may be considering changing jobs, a longer-term move to a new location, or even leaving your relationship. These are all big decisions.

This can be a scary place to be emotionally because the future seems unknown at this time. Should you hold on longer? Is the step you are considering the right one? You are feeling unsure because you don’t have all the information, but you’re also under pressure to act soon.

Perhaps the wisdom of the Six of Swords can help. This card is linked to the astrological transit of Mercury in Aquarius, essentially the energy of rational and logical thinking. The Golden Dawn Tarot link this card to the sciences, and the Thoth Tarot connect it with earned success. Together this means that sometimes in life we have to be willing to look at the facts, make a tough but logical decision, and follow it through.

Sometimes the logical decision is the hardest decision. We’re afraid, it hurts, and it may even break our hearts. Yet to be successful, we are going to have to sail our ship through danger to get to safety. This won’t be easy or straightforward, but try to stay brave and continue to think positively. At least you are no longer stuck, and you’re being very courageous by looking for a solution.

What is beautiful about the Six of Swords is that is also shows that you are not alone and help is at hand. The artwork on many Tarot decks show a kind person helping you to safety. This symbolises the message that you have angels helping you at this time, as well also people in the physical world who want to help you. I’m one of them. You don’t have to figure this out all on your own, so come for a chat with me.

I can show you the possible outcome of your choices and give you more information to help you make good decisions and know what is right for you. I can also show you timing, who will help and who will hinder you, and what to watch out for until you’re in the clear. The future may seem unknown, but I can show you a map for your journey.

I would also love to hear your experiences with the Six of Swords. As always, your opinion and questions matter, so please post comments on my blog.

In love and gratitude, Caroline Anna

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  1. Yolanda says:

    I got the 7 of Cups today, after coming home from what was supposed to be a nice visit with my brother. He went totally crazy on me, I don’t really know why.

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    • Caroline says:

      Hello, I can help, and I feel the Six of Swords is also relevant for you at this time hon. Please come for a chat with me soon x

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  2. Yolanda says:

    Thank you. I will come chat when I can. Thanks again.

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