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Knight of Cups ~ Romance

By Caroline :: :: 12 comments

Your card today is the Knight of Cups. When this card appears in a reading, it suggests that you may be about to meet a new lover or friend. In Tarot, this Knight is a deeply romantic and sensitive soul, a poet, and he has traveled far and wide looking for his princess. He is a man on a quest for truth, beauty, and perfect love.knight-of-cups-1

If you meet him, enjoy each and every moment, but try not to get swept away. This Knight is someone who is ‘in love with love’ and can often be quite the Casanova. He may not be thinking long-term and is not very grounded so hold onto your heart if you can.

This Knight also signifies action and movement in personal matters and relationships. If this Knight does not represent a particular person to you, then it may be the case that the energy of this card is important for you at this time.

There may be change and new excitement, particularly of a romantic or emotional nature. An invitation, opportunity, event or offer that moves you may be on the way.

It’s also possible that you are being invited by the universe to allow more daydreams, romance and poetry into your life. It might be lovely to surprise your sweetheart with a bunch of red roses; or perhaps it’s time to spoil yourself with that special treat you deserve?

I would love to hear who you met or what happened when or after you received this card. Did you meet someone special, receive a romantic proposal, or do something special for yourself? Please post in the comments on this blog or, if you need to ask about your Knight of Cups, schedule a reading with me today.

Love and blessings, Caroline Anna

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  1. jayasankar says:

    So true. Your readings have so accurately predicted my life and my experiences, I can hardly believe it! :|

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  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Caroline,

    I had sent a beautiful Beltane Poem from Lisa Love’s site that someone had sent in and won the contest. I sent it my ex boyfriend who is not communicating with me at present, so I consult Tarot often to check in with him. The first card I received was the Knight of Cups! I don’t know if I’ll hear from him as he’s very busy with work right now. (This was followed by The Chariot). At least I know he’s thinking about me in a good way!

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  3. Portia says:

    I did a three card reading right after I met my current boyfriend, in the hallway of an apartment building. I don’t remember the first card, but the second card was the Sun and the third, the knight of cups.

    We have been dating for two years. He is a sweet, sensitive man when his eyes are on me. He seems to fall for other women at work, or at the store, or wherever actually. It’s been a real problem for us. He’s a musician, likes alcohol (too much) and is very tight with his mother. He is very kind, very funny, a good good lover...ah the knight of cups !

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    • Caroline says:

      Oh dear~! Well, this card describes him perfectly. He does sound like quite the gorgeous Romeo!

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  4. bluecamas says:

    My knight of cups is my husband.A high romantic. No.Friends first for years and always a gentleman. Spiritual man. I raised in Canada. He in India.Married years now. Lovely lovely lovely man. I did have a relationship with a man. High romance. In the end he really was just a paper roses. I found the real roses in my quiet gentle devoted husband.No poet is he. Yet when he expresses his comes right from his heart.Blissful man.I offer this wish and prayer for all. May you find your love and your bliss. Home for the heart.

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  5. amazingred says:

    ODE to Don

    The first encounter was a man on a bike
    Me telling him to look up and beyond
    To the Heron in the tree
    Chat abit and he is gone

    I see this man again a few times
    He is friendly and has a black dog
    Me all full of smiles
    He asks if my name is Ashley

    No, but I ask him his name
    From far across the channel
    He only walks on the weekend
    Should I, Could I, Would I

    An eagle soars high
    Good sign to fly high
    Should I stay, or move on
    Will I, What if, Where to

    All my thoughts are of him
    Asks always how I am doing
    Where did all this come from?
    Is it real, or just fantasy

    Know a little more
    His dog is Niki
    With beautiful big eyes
    He is always on time

    There is something inside me
    Swelling with excitement
    His energy makes me smile
    Where to from here

    I want more
    But must be patience
    I try to let go, but why
    It feels so good and true

    He is all I think of
    Does he think of me the same?
    Energy, vibration, and like
    Joy, happiness and comfort

    Another week to wait
    Will he ask or not
    Not good at relationships
    Wish has come true

    How can one know so quickly?
    Love at first sight
    Usually run so fast away
    Need to sashay little

    Keep it all in
    But I am ready to explode
    Scared I may be hurt
    But the energy feels so good

    Waiting for the weekend and will see if he will make a move.

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  6. mariajose says:

    It’s kind of funny that this card was the one that was on my e-mail this week... Currently I am possibly in love for the second time in my life, took me almost 9 years to get to the point were I had forgotten that other love and now I am in love with someone that is in love with someone else, and the worst part is that the person he is in love with is married and lives in a different state, or at least he thinks he is in love with her. My intuition tells me to stick around and wait, that there is a lesson he has to learn and a lesson I have to learn from all of this and once it is learn then another chance will arise so I have to stick around and wait because change is coming and when it happens it will all be good and I should not lose faith, but my logical side tells me to move on and break the commitment I made with myself to be a true friend to him even if nothing more would ever happen because the chance I had with him a while back was taken and now it was time for someone else to take it and to avoid heartache I really just need to move on... I really don’t know which one to listen to anymore...

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    • Caroline says:

      Hi Maria, thanks for your comment. I would be glad to help you with a reading. Come and see me x

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  7. amazingred says:

    Thanks for the reply, I saw him on Sat and the same..nothing new.. Have seen several eagles on my daily walk. Have a few old friends coming in the picture as well. I feel that I want a friend, the energy he has around him makes me feel very welcoming. Not to sure if I should take the plunge, men need to know if you are interested. A male friend said I should ask him if he has a partner. Would love to have a reading done, but unsure if the timing is right.

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  8. bluecamas says:

    Advice on men. Do NOT chase ANY man. If he is interested in you he knows how to contact you. If there is some challenge to it, all the better. Men will pursue if into you. Do not call that man! Keep busy and happy in your own life and self.

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