At first glance the Death card can look quite scary but actually a better name for this could be Transformation. This card sometimes appears when something in our lives has ended irrevocably (in other words something in our lives has died).

It is very rarely associated with physical death other than it can indicate a terrible fear of physical death that is stopping you living your life to the full. Whatever the subject, Death indicates that the situation is ending and that there isn't much you can do about it – that part of your life is over.

In a love/relationship reading, the appearance of the Death card can show the ending of a relationship. Remember, of course, that as one relationship dies you are then opening up to the potential of a new relationship which could be more fulfilling. In an ongoing relationship Death shows that a phase of that relationship is at an end, which could be a GOOD thing!

Death has a very positive aspect in that, if you have been going through a difficult time in a relationship, that time is about to come to an end. Paired with positive cards for the future it can show that the relationship is being reborn in a more positive light.

In a career/business reading Death can indicate that part of your professional life is over or coming to an end. It advises that you let go as it is meant to be that way – it's time to look at new projects/career paths. On a positive note, this could be promotion or retirement.

Death is very pertinent to spiritual growth. As you grow spiritually there will be parts of your ego self that have to “die" so that the new 'you' can be born. Be open to this process even though in the short term it may be painful.