Numerology Reports
.. by Master Numerologist Hans Decoz

celeb collageThe real power and value of Numerology lies in the readings and reports that are individually tailored and created for you, and personally written by Master Numerologist Hans Decoz himself.

The challenge we have, is to convey to you the enormous value and depth of insight that these reports offer, so instead of trying to describe each and every report, (what it does, how it works and how to use it), we've created a sample of each for a famous celebrity.

If you have more than a passing interest in any of the celebs we've chosen, you'll find the reports quite fascinating, and it will give you a far deeper insight into that celebrity than any media article you may have previously read about them!

"Your personality report is Totally Right On!!!! And I am in the process of doing something really exciting that I will do the rest of my life. Your report verified that I am on the right track!!! I have goosebumps all over while reading the report. You are so amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you......with all my heart!"
Connie, Washington State, USA
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The way we see it: it's your money, and you deserve VALUE, so this is our promise to you:

"Thank you very much. The report is well worth it. It is amazingly en pointe. There is a lot of information here that I can use."
Kathleen, USA

"You have our personal guarantee, that if for ANY reason whatsoever you feel you have not received value for money and have spent your money unwisely, then you only need to ask for a refund and it will be given in full - without question or hesitation."

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Complete Personal Package
(100+ pages!)
view sample: Tom Cruise Purchase this report for $42.95
This complete package of reports includes the Long Personality Profile, 12 Month Forecast and Lucky Numbers, and The Diamond Report, at a reduced price.

Short Personality Profile view sample: Jennifer Lopez Purchase this report for $9.95
A 15-20 page report covering your Life Path, Birthday, Expression, Karmic Lessons, Hearts Desire, Passions and several other numerological aspects.

Long Personality Profile view sample: Stephen Spielberg Purchase this report for $14.95
30-40 pages including all of the above and lots, lots more. Too much to list, click the link to see the celeb sample.

12 Month Forecast view sample: Nicole Kidman Purchase this report for $14.95
Day-by-day and month-by-month forecast for the year ahead. Approx 60 pages.

Relationship Compatibility view sample: Brad Pitt
& Angelina Jolie
Purchase this report for $14.95
Compares the core numbers of two people, tells you about the relationship, how to enhance the positive compatibilities and how to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Includes 12 months of 'Personal Month Forecasts' for each person. Approx: 40 pages

Lucky Numbers view sample: Harrison Ford Purchase this report for $7.95
Calculates your unique lucky numbers for each and every day of the next 12 months, and your luckiest numbers for each month and the year as a whole.

The Diamond view sample: Oprah Winfrey Purchase this report for $9.95
Highlights and explains the interaction between an individual's Spiritual and Physical body, based on ancient secret Kabalistic number techniques.

Name Advisor view sample: Marilyn Monroe
vs Norma Jeane Mortenson
Purchase 3 names for $4.95
Purchase 8 names for $7.95
Can't decide on a name for your new home, business, website or even your new baby? Get a numerological analysis of all the names on your short list and make sure your final decision is the right one!