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Tarot Card Meanings » Card 9: The Hermit

Tarot Card The Hermit

Astrological Sign: Virgo.

Positive associations with this tarot card: introspection, solitude, guidance, advice, patience.

Negative associations with this tarot card: obstinacy, suspiciousness, fear, impatience, folly, arrogance.

When The Hermit appears in a reading he symbolizes a need for careful consideration of issues and possibly a desire for peace and quiet and solitude.

He warns against making hasty decisions and recommends taking advice from someone you trust before making any decisions.

Concerning health, The Hermit indicates a time of convalescence and rest.

Negatively The Hermit can imply arrogance and obstinacy, suspiciousness and a refusal to accept advice when help would be beneficial.

Other negative aspects of this card are impatience leading to bad decisions and loneliness.