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Tarot Card Meanings » Card 3: The Empress

Tarot Card The Empress

Planet: Venus.

Season: Spring.

Positive associations with this tarot card: fertility, birth, motherhood, harmony, nature, prosperity, joy, love, artistic ambition.

Negative associations with this tarot card: domestic upheaval, emotional blackmail, over-protectiveness, poverty, infertility, unwanted pregnancy, surpressed artistic expression.

The Empress symbolizes love, reassurance, prosperity and birth so when she appears in a reading in a favourable position she is a very welcome card.

She can represent pregnancy or actual birth of a child however she can also represent the creation or birth of a creative project or involvement with nature.

Negatively The Empress can signal that you, or a woman in your life, is being too protective for comfort and may even resort to emotional blackmail to get what she wants.

She may indicate money worries and a need to handle your finances carefully.

Another negative aspect of The Empress is that she can symbolize infertility or unwanted pregnancy.