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What Are The Jewels Of The Sun Tarot Card

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Piccia Neri |

Opening The Sun Treasure Chest

The Jewels Of The Sun Tarot Card


Timing: The timing for the Sun is one month. The Sun does not travel in “Retrograde Motion.” The planets rotate around the Sun at different speeds and orbits. You will need to trust your intuition because the Sun is an indication that you are heading in the right direction and at last emerging from the darkness of the past.

The Sun represents the core of your identity, and the ability to assert yourself, the vitality of your inner child that is free to explore again, without the fear of the darkness from the past.

Life Lessons: Always remember, the Major Arcana represents major life lessons, so if the Sun comes out in the outcome of the reading, the Sun represents the assurance that you are finally going to revel in the new light that guides you to your new future – the fears of the past left far behind and you have learned to leave them behind you. The Sun represents the fifth house of your natal birth chart.

The Sun represents a happy outcome, and may mean that there is a birth of a child on the way, a good omen that your life is taking a turn for the better, health after a struggling illness, and that good times are finally coming your way. The Sun indicates that there is a union between your conscious and the unconscious, representing balance and happy times ahead.

Reverse: If the Sun comes out in the reversed position, it simply signifies a delay. The Sun still has the same positive associations, but to a lesser degree and with some limitations. When the Sun appears in the reversed position, it represents that happy times are delayed.

Love And Romance: You may meet a new friend or romantic partner that is connected to the fifth house of your natal birth chart. The fifth house represents good karma and rules your love life, and some astrologers say the fifth house also represents a relationship that progresses into your future marriage partner. The Sun represents that you are going to take risks with dating, romance, love affairs, friendships, sexual relationships (society has named sexual unions – friends with benefits), and that you are going to reach out to the type of person that you are attracted to and desire.

Reverse: If the Sun comes out in the reversed position it may mean that the friendship will not develop into a romantic relationship that leads to marriage and that you will just be friends. The reverse position also represents a turn for the worse and that something went a miss connected to your love life, or you took the wrong risks with dating, romance, love affairs, friendships, and a sexual relationship (society named a sexual union – friends with benefits), or you chose the wrong person. Or the attraction you or your partner had in the beginning vanished, and now you or your partner is moving on.

Work, Career And Money: You may be going through the interview process, and everything is looking really positive, or you are starting a new job, or you are starting a new career that will bring you the money that you need and want to make.

Reverse: If the Sun comes out in the reversed position, you may feel that everything connected to your job, career, and making the money that you planned on making is stagnated and not moving forward as fast as you wanted. The reversed position simply means that the timing is not right yet, and that everything is on course to happen at a later date.

Travel And Moving: You have planned to take a trip or vacation, and everything is very exciting because everything is falling in place the way that you wanted it too.

Reverse: The timing of your trip is delayed, but not forever, something very important came up to change the timing of your vacation, but you are going to follow through at a later date.

You are finally moving into the apartment or house that you have wanted and desired, everything is falling in place.

Reverse: The timing is not the right time to move, it has been delayed and will happen at a later date.

Svlumagraphica |

The Sun – I Was Given Directions To Travel To Motivation Way And Self Ave – I Am Supposed To Let Go Of My Old Beliefs

Svlumagraphica |

The Sun – I Was Then Given Another Set Of Directions To Travel To Health Ave And Happiness Street – The Dark Period In My Life Has Finally Come To An End

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