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Walking Away From Fort Knox

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The Eight of Cups is connected to the zodiac water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

A dark haired woman is dressed in white and has sadness all over her face. She is walking away from her eight golden cups, which represents her relationship and everything that they built together.

As she is walking away, she is thinking, “Deep down in my heart, I left my relationship a long time ago. I have become the Fool who wants to start a new journey, but I am not naïve. I have experienced and weathered everything from joy to hatred for my partner. I am leaving it all behind and just walking away with the clothes that I am wearing!”

The dark-haired woman is walking away with the light of the Moon shining on her hair. If you look closely at this card you will see a yellow crescent Moon in the middle of the bright illuminating Moon, which represents her soul mate. The yellow crescent Moon also represents the waxing phase which is a time to be assertive and rise to the challenges ahead.

She is walking away and not looking back, which represents her strength and courage to take control of her life again. The dark-haired woman is going through a difficult transition and making new changes to end the suffering that she has been going through. She is feeling a deep sadness about her relationship and has decided that she wants to be alone, not committed to her partner any longer.

She has decided to leave everything behind, and she is walking away with the clothes on her back. The dark-haired woman is fed up with her relationship, and has finally realized that she has taken the relationship as far as she was willing to.

She was hoping her partner was going to wake up, and finally see what they both had together, and everything they built together (the eight standing cups), but everything else came first and their relationship came in last. She has realized that her heart has run out of love for her partner, and knows it’s the right time to leave.

© Winthrop Brookhouse |

Out of Love For My Partner

With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2012

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