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The Zodiac Section – Cancer

By Safina :: :: 2 comments

I started the zodiac section to show you how fear affects each zodiac sign. Read your zodiac sign and your rising sign, or read about someone you are interested in. This section will give you a brief understanding of each zodiac personality. The Strength card is associated with the 5th house of the “Natal Birth Chart” and relates to your love life, and taking risks with romance, dating, falling in love, friendships, relationships, secret affairs, and sexual relationships. The fifth house represents good karma when you take the right risk (♥), but sometimes indicates a turn for the worse when you take the wrong risk (♠). Egg Relationship

Redwine2001 |

Taking A Risk — A New Friendship

Cancer crab

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The Detective! I Need To Ask Questions, Investigate And Understand A Situation Fully!

Cancer: “I Feel”.

Cancer Personality: Cancer is a Cardinal water sign that leads with emotions. The Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon. Emotional sensitivity characterizes the Cancer internally, while smooth confidence appears externally.

Home and family occupy their first concern, and they need to feel safe and content. Cancerians are strongly rooted to the past, which they relinquish with great difficulty, sometimes with a sickly, nostalgic longing.

If hurt or disappointed, a Cancer will retreat completely into a shell and become unreachable for a period of time.

Cancer is intuitive, imaginative, very creative, and loves courageous, pioneering adventure. The assertive Cancer abounds with energy throughout the day and refrains from risks until after reviewing every angle of a situation.

Cancer And Fear = June 22 To July 22: Cancer fears the loss of family, friends and lovers, and such a loss is the worst thing that can happen to the Cancer sign. Cancerians have a difficult time letting go of the past and tend to stay sick with nostalgia.

Note: Each zodiac sign is divided into 3 divisions of 10 degrees each called decans. These decans represent the different sub-rulers of a particular sign and are the reason why all Cancer personalities are not created equal.

For Cancer, the decan rulers are: 1st = Moon; 2nd = Pluto; 3rd = Neptune.

June 22 To July 1 = The First Decan, Caner-Gemini Cusp: If the Sun is in the beginning of Cancer, you are new to this sign and are very emotionally controlling and interfering. You are influenced by the Moon (your intuition and emotions) and have an uncanny dedication to family, home and your work.

You are on the Cusp of Gemini, so you pick up the traits from its end period, meaning that you are more extreme and restless. Sometimes you let your emotions gets the best of you, but you’ll also jump into something that you love, as long as you are in control.

The traits of Cancer are not in full power until June 29, and as this date approaches, the traits of Gemini fade away.

July 2 To July 12 = The Second Decan, The Midpoint Of Cancer: If the Sun is in the middle of Cancer, you are more balanced and very protective. You make others feel good while they are around you, sometimes at your own expense. You are influenced by your sub-ruler, the planet Pluto (transformation). You are intensely secretive and mysterious until you are ready to act on what you want.

July 13 To July 22 = The Third Decan, Cancer-Leo Cusp: If the Sun is at the end of Cancer, you are extreme and anxious to avoid confrontation and difficult situations. However, you irritate people while trying to please them because you have a detective’s need to know everything that is going on. You are influenced by your sub-ruler, the planet Neptune (your higher spiritual level). You are a person that needs to be loved, and you need to help others, because helping others makes you feel happy and loved.

You are on the Cusp of Leo and pick up the traits from the beginning period, meaning that you have a need to dominate your surroundings. The traits of Cancer start to lose their strength during the last seven days of this sign, as Cancer starts to pick up the traits of the next sign of Leo.

The Moon: The emotional Moon indicates your feelings about yourself, your relationships and your emotional responses to situations.

The Light Side: Emotional, loving, intuitive, imaginative, shrewd, cautious, protective, caring, and sensitive.

The Dark Side: Changeable, moody, over-emotional, touchy, clings to the past and stays sick with nostalgia.

The Best Cancer Love-Matches: “Taurus” (patient and reliable / possessive and jealous), “Cancer” (emotional and loving / temperamental and cautious), “Virgo” (meticulous and reliable / critical and fussy), “Scorpio” (exciting and magnetic / jealous and resentful), “Capricorn” (ambitious and disciplined / pessimistic and cold-hearted) and “Pisces” (seductive and mysterious / secretive and vague).

The Challenging Zone — Cancer Love-Matches: “Gemini” (flexible and creative / cunning and inquisitive), “Leo” (fiery and romantic / bossy and interfering), “Sagittarius” (freedom-loving and spontaneous / enthusiastic and optimistic to a fault) and “Aquarius” (unpredictable and exciting / unemotional and detached).

The Worst Cancer Love-Matches: “Aries” (adventurous and energetic / reckless and impulsive) and “Libra” (idealistic and peaceable / indecisive and changeable).


With Love and Joy,

© Safina 2013


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  1. harrysmom9198 says:

    I am constantly drawn to the same Cancer man and even though I am an Aquarius and we’ve had our issues, I feel in my heart there is something there. Thanks for the interesting information. I am going to follow your guidance!

    Amy :)

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thanks for the message and please keep me updated, I have always seen this attraction with Cancer and Aquarius.

      Love Safina

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