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The Year of the Horse

By Safina :: :: 2 comments

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The Aquarius Super New Moon happens on the 30th of January, bringing you into the time of liberation and freedom. This New Moon is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the one that marches to the beat of their own drum and represents “The Year of the Horse.” The 30th of January represents the time when the Sun (your actions) and the New Moon (your new beginning) will help you break free, and you won’t be plagued by the fears from your past, and allow distractions.

You’ll be on a mission to find the person that got lost in the past, and gave their power away, or lost their future stepping stones! The New Moon sets the stage for the year of 2014, bringing you into a new beginning and the time when you’re going to feel motivated and make your wishes and dreams come true. This is the year of action and you’ll feel like someone lit a fire under your feet to help you clean out the clutter in your life, and what has been holding you back! You might feel a shift towards healing, and you’ll let go of the baleful ghosts of the past, and emerge from the darkness into the light of your new reborn spirit!

The star-riderThe Star Card is related to the zodiac sign of Aquarius and the planet Uranus.

The Star Tarot card is numerated seventeen and represents the release of karma and liberation from your ghosts and restrictions of the past. Above the naked woman shine eight stars that represent direction and guidance, illuminating her journey of hope and faith.

The naked woman’s gleaming golden hair represents the Sun, her radiant eternal youth and her beauty. She is naked because she is releasing what binds her, and her nakedness is a sign of her acceptance. The blue sky is symbolic of her thoughts and her skyward gaze denotes a new freedom and release from restrictions.

The eight stars represent the eight planets: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Each of the eight points of the star represents one of the eight seasons of change and renewal. The seven white stars define her true inner self: her ego and initiator, her emotions, her thoughts, what she treasures and values, her actions, her destiny and souls mission, and karma though lessons learned. The eighth star (which is the color yellow, represents the planet Uranus and the zodiac sign of Aquarius) which symbolizes the breaking of inner, binding karma and radiates her new freedom, bringing peace, cleansing, illumination, and purity back into her life.

She longs to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With hope and faith she trusts that her binding restriction is close to the end. Astrology defines the seven inner planets as personal planets that define and outline her character. The eighth planet, Uranus, defines her outer self. Uranus symbolizes sudden, unpredictable changes and the release from something that restrains, blocks, or suppresses her.

She grounds herself to the earth by kneeling with her left foot on the green meadow.  Her right foot, meanwhile, floats in the blue pond of water, suggesting that her thoughts are in motion.

She pours water out of two red jugs, the color red suggesting her passion for life. Water being poured into other water represents the power of purging the subconscious mind, a request for growth and an untrammeled new beginning. The red pitcher symbolizes what she was holding onto in her heart, mind, and body, and now seeks to release.

In the background, a deciduous tree with yellow bark bears the fruit of a new beginning. A bird in the tree, the ibis, eats berries and represents transformation and new opportunities. The ibis is connected to her higher thoughts and spirit which brings a message that she is rising to a higher level to free herself from bondage. The ibis is connected to the cycles of time and movement, while distant purple mountains symbolize a challenging goal, the color alluding to royalty and ceremonies.

prrple iris


The Purple Bearded Iris

The mountains are covered with purple flowers that represent dignity, pride and success. The color purple is associated with good judgment and spiritual fulfillment. In fact, the ancient Greeks had a legend about Iris, the goddess of the rainbow and a messenger of the gods.

It is said that wherever she stepped on earth, iris flowers sprang up in all the hues of the rainbow. This shows that the beloved iris is literally a gift from the gods. The purple mountain peaks depict a special completion of her goal. The irises start to bloom in the early spring, in many areas of the world which represents a time to begin anew.

The meadow and small seedlings represent new growth – the small seedlings will bloom into red flowers which are connected to her passion to start living again. The color red brings messages of passion, primal urges, action, pleasure, and love. She has finished her emotional release and is free to experience what her path has to offer without restrictions.

red poppies

Kmitu |

The Small Seedlings Bloom Into Red Flowers, And The Red Flowers Are Connected To Her Passion To Start Living Again...


With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2014


The Star Tarot Card – Source: U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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  1. melodie says:

    excellent article Safina! I love what you said about the Super Moon !

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