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The Wounded Healer

By Safina :: :: 2 comments

Greek Mythology – The Story About Chiron

The Wounded Healer

In Greek Mythology, you meet Chiron (the wounded healer). Chiron was born a centaur (half horse – half man, and half mortal – half immortal). In legend, before Chiron was born, Saturn (the immortal god) fell in love with a sea-nymph named Philyra (a mortal woman), and they had an affair. Philyra and Saturn turned themselves into horses, and became incognito to others because Saturn was married. Later, Philyra became pregnant and delivered a bastard child named Chiron. She was so ashamed of Chiron because he was born a centaur (half horse – half man) that she abandoned her child and Chiron grew up alone, in isolation.

Chiron did not grow up to be a savage like most centaurs did, Chiron grew up to be smart and compassionate, and he became a talented archer, musician, healing physician, priest, and tutored foster children. Fortunately, Apollo (the sun god) and Artemis (the goddess of the moon) adopted and educated Chiron so that he could reach his highest potential.

Later, Chiron was made the king of the centaurs because of his great wisdom, and he became a great healer that used plants and herbs to heal others. But later, Chiron was struck with a poison arrow, and he was unable to heal himself because he was half immortal, and his mortal side felt the pain of his wound, until he made a deal with Zeus, and planned his death. Zeus made Chiron part of the constellation of Sagittarius, the centaur that is half horse – half man.

Will you make your mark in the world, and leave something behind that represents your legacy of life and your accomplishments with helping others?

I associate the Hermit with the sixth house of the natal birth chart and the Chiron return (the wounded healer transit). If you stuffed your problems away for a rainy day during your Uranus opposition, or in your 40s, your Chiron return is going to be difficult. Everything that you stuffed away for a rainy day and never fixed is coming back to you to address, and you may feel like you got shot with the poison arrow. If you got wounded during your Chiron return, Chiron will send you on a 10 year mission, to heal yourself, and you’ll have lots of work to do before you reach the age of 60 to complete your mission. But remember, at the age of 60, Jupiter comes back to visit you, the Jupiter return is your lucky year, and you’ll become the hero of your destiny, because you fixed your life!

Chiron returns to the same degree it was at when you were born, in your transiting birth chart, around the age of 50. During your Chiron return, you’re going to be forced to find your true purpose in life. At the age of 54-55, you’re going to experience your second progressed lunar return. The second progressed lunar return will give you the help you need to end your career or end something that is not working out for you, so you’ll be able to complete your Chiron mission before the age of 60.

Greek Mythology – The Moon

The Three Gates And The Three Phases Of The Moon

In Greek Mythology, you meet Hecate (the goddess and protector of the three gates, and the three phases of the Moon). Hecate was the Moon Goddess, the guardian of the earth, sea, and the sky. She guides you through the three gates that you will experience in your life. The first gate represents the young maiden, the second gate represents the mother, and the third gate represents the mature woman.

The Moon cycles, and the gates bring you into the importance of change. The Moon brings you into new beginnings and endings, and the timing of the Moon helps you to embrace the future, and release the past, and what hiders your growth.

Have you ever wondered if you had a guide that helped you through the gates during the important changes in your life?

At the age of 54-55, you’re going to experience the Uranus trine natal Uranus, and the Neptune trine natal Neptune. Did you know that a trine represents 4 o’clock GMT time, which converts to 10am PST time, 11am CST time, and 12pm EST time?

The progressed lunar return represents the time when you’re standing at the gate of the Moon, and the lunar return signifies big life changes. Your first progressed lunar return happens at the age of 27-28 (the time when a woman will marry) and this is the time when the Moon returns to its natal position. The second progressed lunar return happens at the age of 54-55 (the time when you’ll leave your career, or you’ll get laid off or fired), and the third progressed lunar return happens at the age of 81-82 (the time when you’re closer to your family, and your spiritual and religious beliefs).

The Second Saturn Return

The second Saturn return happens at the age of 58-59, and this is the time of maturity, and you’re not afraid to take the bull by the horns if you need too. During your second Saturn return, you get a chance to accomplish something that you failed to achieve during your first Saturn return.

But this time, the stakes are higher, because you’re older, and you’re not going to repeat the mistakes that you made in the past. You don’t need someone’s approval to live the lifestyle you want, and you’re not going to tolerate difficult relationships, or put up with the nonsense. You’ll leave a long term relationship or business partnership, and lighten the load and clean out the baggage that holds you back. If you missed meeting the right partner during your first Saturn return, you’ll get another chance to meet your true love, and this time you’ll make the right decision.


With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2013

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  1. ronelle says:

    Hi Safina, I really enjoyed reading your blog. It seems to be the right stage of my life for this. I also enjou reading your meanings of the tarot. I love how you explain the meanings of the symbols in the card. The four of Pentacles is also appropriate for me at this stage in life. Thank you.

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Ronelle,

      Thank you so much for the message and glad that you are enjoying reading my blog.

      Love Safina

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