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The Pony Express

By Safina :: :: 8 comments

About The Court Cards:  The Page of Swords works for the Royal Court in the Tarot.  The Court cards represent people and outside influences, possibly a friend, lover, boss, or even an enemy.

The Court card personalities are more complex because they are two-sided.  The reason that I say the Page is two-sided is because the Page is young and still growing into his role as the speedy messenger (The Pony Express).

The Page can go from being positive to negative in a flash.  Highly intellectual, the Page feels that he is always right.  The Page may be flirty or sarcastic, impatient or flighty, secretively spiteful or debating, romantically attached or shockingly independent.

About The Swords:  The Sword Archetypes experience conflict, pain, anger and aggression, and are connected to the spring months in the northern hemisphere and the fall season in the southern hemisphere:  The time of March 21 to June 21.

The Timing Of The Swords And The Page:  The timing of the Swords is usually undetermined in my deck, because this Archetype wrestles with unresolved issues in their mind, but when the timing is on course, it all happens with sudden rapidity.  I have one exception with the timing which is connected to the Page’s.

The Pages are the messengers that are speedy and dedicated.  I feel that you should expect a message within 1 to 11 days when the Page of Swords comes out in a reading.  The Page of Swords is on a mission to deliver news to you, good or bad, and numerated 11 in the Tarot, representing completion and beginning with a situation.

© Ralf Kraft |

Unexpected News

The Page’s Personality: The zodiac signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius represent the Page’s personality because he is still young and learning, changing personalities like the wind changes direction. Challenging and intelligent, the Page is known as the spy who holds secrets and ulterior motives.

About The Page: The Page of Swords is a strong, independent, restless young man on a mission to achieve his goals as a messenger. He is very frank with his words and moves rapidly to deliver his messages. He may suddenly bring out the truth, very unpleasantly with a warning about something that you are overlooking, or he may bring unwelcome news about a situation that you do not want to hear.

The Page is also connected to gossip and represents a person who will confront you or bring unwelcome tidings that will infuriate you. The Page is gifted with insight by virtue of his strong analytical mind and he will turn things to his advantage because he is sly and has ulterior motives.

He is never at a loss with his fluent communication skills and is still learning how to follow through with his ideas and goals. Young and still testing the waters, he will cause more trouble than he solves, but he does not see things that way. When this card comes out in a reading, it usually means you are going to receive objectionable news.

© Farang |

The Pony Express May Bring Trouble

About The Symbology Of The Page of Swords: The blue sky represents thought and a message that is on the way. The Page of Swords represents a young man who is holding a Sword with his right hand because he is interested in the time of now, and he has a job to do, and is very dedicated.

There is a ferocious wind storm surrounding the Page and also a wind storm coming out of the Pages breath which represents that he moves as fast as a storm rolling in with his thoughts and determination.

The sky is filled with billowy white and blue storm clouds that are full of moisture, and a storm seems to be brewing, representing the Page who will bring communication, and possibly an unwelcomed message. Remember the Page delivers good and bad news.

Rough, churning, turbulent blue clouds behind the Page represent his thoughts. The Page is dressed with an indigo blue tunic which represents a high achievement and victory with every step that he takes. The tension in this card is generated by the storm coming from the east which makes the Page appear defensive, expecting a confrontation.

Lastly, the challenging and intelligent Page is known as the spy who holds secrets and ulterior motives. He is a restless, independent young man waiting to reveal a message to someone, and he will be frank when he does so. He is like the Pony Express, a deliverer of both good and bad news. The Page represents the box of chocolates of life that Forest Gump talked about. And Forest always said, “You never know what you are going to get.”

© Sarah Nicholl |

Box Of Unopened Chocolates – You Never Know What You Are Going To Get

Please let me know your thoughts about the Page of Swords and if you receive any messages within one (1) to eleven (11) days!

With Love And Joy,


© Safina 2012

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  1. Jac says:

    Walking Away From Fort Knox
    The Eight of Cups
    Every time I receive an email from you with a new card meaning everything is so relevant to me ! Is this just a coincidence ??

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Glad that you are enjoying the cards. Well I write the cards and receive messages from spirit, so they are the reason for the timing of the cards that I write.

      Love Safina

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  2. carmen ortiz says:

    Hello Safina, I just finish reading today’s Lotus Tarot Card as I always do when they arrive. I believe that on todays interpretation for the King of Cups card you inverted the possition of the hands for the King. You explain that the King was holding a golden cup in his left hand, and a harp on his right hand. If I believe my eyes are right, that’s not what I see. Please check it again and I think you’ll agree with me. Please excuse me if I’am wrong or if it doesn’t matter for the interpretation you made. I’am not a tarot reader, I really love it when I receive them, so that I can try to learn from them. With love, Carmen.

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      So sorry that I confused you! Okay, I want you to walk in the picture, sit in the Kings chair, and pretend that you are looking at me. The cup is in your right hand, and the harp is in your left hand.

      Let me know if that works and makes sense now.

      Love Safina

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  3. Anna says:

    Hi Saffy, I had this card come out in a reading for me today(!) I am waiting on news and I know I will know within exactly 11 days from now. It is going to be frank and it’s totally open whether it will be good or bad just yet. Life really is just like a box of chocolates sometimes. Spot on interpretation of this card! Love, Anna

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    • Safina says:

      Hi Babe,

      The Lovers card came out crossing this box of choclates! The Lovers card is connected to the planet Mercury! Communication is on the way!

      Love Safina

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  4. Cynthia says:

    Hi. Your timing for the page was spot on!
    Again l get this page as timing for a very important issue, so l will let you know if the miracle will happen fom today to 11 days and also which kind of comunication the Page of Swords represents.
    Wish me lucky!

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thanks for the message and let me know what happens, those pages are magical!

      Love Safina

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