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He Rides Faster Than The Wind

By Safina :: :: 6 comments

The Page of Wands: The Pony Express

The Page of Wands is associated with the zodiac fire signs of Aries (determination), Leo (ready to be on the go with a moment’s notice) and Sagittarius (the explorer that loves to travel).

The Page represents the Prince, the youngest of the Royal Court in the Tarot. He is growing into his role, as the messenger and this is the reason he is connected to all the zodiac fire signs, because he is still learning his role.

The Page of Wands is numerated eleven. The number eleven represents completion and beginning with a situation. I feel that you should expect a message within 1 to 11 days when the Page of Wands comes out in a reading.

The Page is on a mission and he is the deliverer of messages. I named the Page of Wands the “Pony Express,” he delivers news to you, good or bad. The Page will follow through with his job to deliver news swiftly. He represents the young “Indian Warrior” that wants to obtain another red feather to add to his collection of the brave acts that he has performed.

The Page of Wands is a loyal and trusted friend who is devoted to your best interests and welfare in the upright position. The Page is still young and learning, his personality shifts like the wind changes direction. The Page is the restless traveler who loves to explore new places and gets bored easily. He has excessive energy that pulls him in new directions all the time and is always ready to take on a new job.

However, when the Page comes out in the reverse position, he is edgy, clever, direct and outspoken. You cannot trust him because he can be unwelcome trouble. He still wants to obtain more red feathers, and he will go out of his way to get them. He wants to gain personal success, and he has ulterior motives.

In the reverse position, he becomes the challenging Page, known as the spy who holds secrets and ulterior motives. He is waiting to reveal a message to someone, and he will be frank with his words! Remember, he is the “Pony Express,” the deliverer of both good and bad news. The Page represents the box of chocolates of life that Forest Gump talked about. And Forest always said, “You never know what you are gonna get.”

In the reversed position, he moves rapidly to deliver his messages. He may suddenly bring out the truth, very unpleasantly with a warning about something that you are overlooking, or he may bring unwelcome news about a situation that you do not want to hear about.

In the reversed position, the Page is also connected to gossip and represents a person who will confront you or bring unwelcome tidings that will infuriate you. The Page is gifted with insight by virtue of his strong creativity and he will turn things to his advantage because he is sly and has ulterior motives.

In the reversed position, he is never at a loss with his fluent communication skills and is still learning how to follow through with his ideas and goals. Young and still testing the waters, he will cause more trouble than he solves, but he does not see it that way. When this card comes out in a reading, it usually means you are going to receive objectionable news.


Ralf Kraft |

Unexpected News

The Page Represents The Box Of Chocolates Of Life That Forest Gump Talked About.

And Forest Always Said, “You Never Know What You Are Gonna Get!”

With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2012


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  1. Shirley Day says:

    Hi Safina, after sending me ” The Poney Express” card i had a message of apology from my daughter. How right the card is and what you said. Cheers Shirley.

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  2. Loz says:

    Hi Safina,

    I started doing my own tarot in the last 2-3 months. Today I did a relationship spread for questions about a man I have been involved with hoping for guidance as to where this situation might head. In the position I know as defining “Outcome for him if following this course” I couldn’t understand the meaning so I drew several cards. The cards that came out in order were: Page of wands, Page of cups, King of cups, Knight of cups and then The Lovers. I feel this is a strong meaning but I can’t figure it out. Any thoughts..?

    Regards, Loz.

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    • Safina says:

      Page of wands=the messenger card-when I see this card I know a person is ready to make changes in their life and will do it quickly, so this means that he was going to dash in your life rather quickly.

      Page of cups=the messenger card-this means that he was interested in you romantically and that you were going to hear from him again.

      King of cups=there is no timing on this card thats the Queens job. The King of cups in my deck represents a person that has an addition to something. The addiction could be anything, but the King likes his privacy too, and cannot be pushed. He is very secretive too.

      Knight of cups=this card represents a person that is looking for love and romance, he is connected to Pisces and is a bit of a dreamer.

      The Lovers=the lovers card represents bonding together, this card represents 3 people for condsideration so there maybe a person that is still around him from the past, this person maybe in his thoughts, or someone from the past that hurt him.

      Love Safina

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  3. Loz says:

    Thanks Safina!

    He is overseas for 2 weeks and I’m hoping to hear from him. He is working through past heartbreak too.
    I use the Queen of Cups as my signifier. I’ve done a few similar questions related to the matter and the cards repeat along with Knight of Wands, King of Swords and also The World and occasionally 2 of Cups and Ace of Wands. I’m drawing up to 10 Major Arcana and Court Cards in a row some times from a full deck. There’s just so much yet to learn!

    Thanks for your reply and your blog, it’s giving me a lot of different information I haven’t read before:)

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