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The Open Pentagram

By Safina :: :: 7 comments

The “Five of Wands” is connected to the zodiac fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The archetype dressed in red is fighting with the personality of the dragon and two wild animals!

The dragon represents a metaphor for a struggle that is not going to be easy to win, and will not be resolved because of the size of the dragon. The situation is definitely operation bummer!

The archetype is going through a difficult situation and standing up for what he believes in and trying to get his point across. He wants support from the people that he is working with so that they will agree with his point of view and accept what he wants to do. He is committed to resolve the issues, and nothing is going to stop him!

The “Five of Wands” suggests that you are experiencing competition with others. This may be a time when you feel you are not respected or treated fairly. You may experience anger and hate because you cannot connect or get through to the people that you are working with because they will not listen to you.

This may be a time in your life when you feel you have to win at all costs, and your strong energy prepares you for a fight that is very important to you. You find yourself working harder to get others to agree with you. This is not a time of physical struggles or fistfights, but a time of disagreement, and you need to resolve this struggle so you can move forward.

Everything you want right now has to be won at this time, and you just have to work harder and exert courage to get it. All you can see is the completion of your dream or project that was in progress, going into the trash can! You require the support of your collaborators, their acceptance of your point of view and intentions to come out of this. You are committed to resolve your issues, and nothing is going to stop you.

The “Five of Wands” represents a conflict and struggle. I named the Five of Wands, “The Open Pentagram” which represents that all the five (5) points of the pentagram are open, and poking at each other. The five points of the pentagram are connected to harmony and restored unity when they are closed, but this card represents the open pentagram, and a struggle that will never be resolved.

Symbolic meaning of a lit torch: Carrying a lit torch is a metaphor for something that you really want and desire. The burning torch also represents a timing connected to your situation, and further means that someone is still waiting to see their situation resolved.

Symbolic meaning of red attire: The color red is a metaphor for energy, action and desire and is also connected to the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Symbolic meaning of holding onto two torches: The archetype is trying to keep their balance.

Symbolic meaning of the archetype holding three (3) torches: The archetype dressed in yellow and red is holding two (2) torches with her right hand and one (1) torch with her left hand. The three torches are not connected together; the number three (3) represents a metaphor for spiritual timing, a timing that represents you are going to achieve what you desire, but there is a problem here because the three (3) torches are not together, they are separated which represents the struggle will not be resolved!

Symbolic meaning of the archetype dressed in yellow and red: The color yellow is a metaphor for enlightenment, intellect, and wisdom, and the color red represents her actions, desires and passions with every step she takes to win through this battle. As a result, she will experience a setback because the torches are not together in a group of three, they are separated.

Symbolic meaning of the green dragon and wild animals: The dragon is a metaphor that represents a person with a strong personality, and very difficult to deal with. The color green represents growth and moving forward, and the dragon is not going to let the archetypes win this struggle. The yellow animals represent our primal urges and unconscious thoughts. The wild animal is a representation of our mind which indicates how the untamed part wants to take a ride on the wild side. The wild animals shows us what is unknown and outside our comfort zone.

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Open Pentagram – Operation Bummer

With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2012


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  1. Agnes says:

    This one is very confusing, up to now the card explanations seem to say that I will get my heart desire but this section says that I will not get it, so which is correct? All the cards so far have said that they all belong with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, well I am Aries and my lover is a Leo, who or what is the Sagittarius person or thing? Am I going to get my lover or not?


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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      This card represents a struggle with a group of people that do not see things your way, and no matter what you do the struggle cannot be resolved, again, it represents a group that you are working with, or associated with.

      love Safina

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Do not take the 5 of Wands too seriously concerning your relationship because it really means a struggle with a group of people, not your lover.

      Love Safina

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  2. Lady Diane says:

    Dear Sarafina,
    My response to Agnes would be somewhat different than yours. Of course, the type of deck used, and teh artwork used, makes interpretations even more open-ended than when only one or two decks were in existence. Coming from the Rider-Waite plus 12 other decks of cards, and being an Aries, these are my thoughts about the 5 of wands – even taking into account the deck Lotus uses.

    I believe teh 5 of wands is a temporary and doable situation- as 5 always brings about a turning point, or an opportunity for change. The dragon is a symbol for the great transformative power within us, teh one we are so very afraid of and yet, the fire signs know the feeling of this power very well. I believe the woman carrying the two wands indicates that part of the situation is being watched, is in balance. The torches as wands supply light to our subconscious fears and even our own self-sabotage of the situation at hand. But the 5 of wands to me is a period of seemingly great difficulty, but if you stay strong and look very intently into yourself, you may – or will – be able to communicate with your inner and outer beasts, teh other person/people involved, and prevail – succeed! I would have to look at the other cards to answer Agnes’ question – will she get her lover or not – but I would say both of you, Agnes, one Aries, one Leo, are being asked to communicate even when things are very difficult, and you will find that you can live harmoniously if both of you are willing to look within and release your temptation to see the other as an enemy. Work together on whatever mundane (physical/wordly) situation is going on now, work as a team as in teh archetypes above, male/female, physical and mental energies, etc. After the joy of the 4 of wands comes some kind of stuff we “have to” take care of, then we will see success and celebration of ourselves in teh 6 of wands! I love Lotus Tarot, there’s so much to learn from all of you Safina! Thank you so much!

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Lady Diane,

      Well, from my experiences with my guides and seeing the vision of the 5 of Wands, I stay with what I said because it means a struggle that is not going to be resolved. As it represents people that you are working with are not going to agree with your point of view, in my vision, my guides showed me the open pentagram, meaning all 5 points are open, when the points are open, nothing can be resolved, when the 5 points are closed it represents harmony.

      I also had vision on the 5 of pentacles, spirit flashed the card to me 3 times, thats a timing and a warning, within 3 weeks, I lost my job, and 2 roomates. Three losses within 3 weeks.

      I thank you for the message, and it was nice hearing from you, and I appreciate your point of view about the tarot.

      Love Safina

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  3. Karen says:

    Very nice post. I definitely love this site.

    Keep it up!

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thanks for the message, and I am glad that you are enjoying the posts. I love writing about the Tarot and my experiences with the cards. Please do not add your blog or site to your messages in the future because it is not appropriate to advertise your blog or site on Lotus Tarot.

      Thank you for understanding.

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