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The Fools Journey Continues

By Safina :: :: 2 comments

Jupiter symbol

The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune Represents The Path Of Destiny And The Cycles Of Life That Are Forever Changing...

The Spokes Of The Wheel Signify The Peaks And Valleys Through Which You’re Mind, Spirit And Body Will Pass During The Continuous Cycles Of Change...

The Fool Arrives At The “Wheel Of Fortune”

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The Moon Looks As Big As The Planet Jupiter Tonight!

The Fool arrives at the “Wheel of Fortune” and he is in the middle of his journey through the Major Arcana. From this point on, everything picks up a pace and the Fool will be challenged, confronted and tested with using everything he has learned so far. The Fool has started to feel uneasy because he has this uncanny awareness that his journey is going to get harder and more difficult.

The color of the Wheel of Fortune is orange and represents a color of power but also a color related to healing. The Fool is starting to understand that he is going to go through a phase of healing during his visit with the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is always in continuous motion, rising and falling, and the Fool will rise and fall during his journey.

There is a winged man, winged eagle, winged bull, and winged lion hovering in the gray and white clouds, in the four corners of the Wheel of Fortune. Gray clouds represent unexpected storms and white clouds represent the storm is moving out and there will be sunny days on the horizon.

There are three creatures on the outer rim of the Wheel of Fortune, and the Fool is afraid and intimidated because of these creatures. He asks himself, “Why are these creatures hovering on the outside of the Wheel of Fortune, rising and falling, and what is their purpose?”

The Fool contemplates in deep thought about the winged man and winged eagle in the upper corners of the Wheel of Fortune. He realizes that something is wrong because the winged man and eagle are surrounded by gray clouds and therefore the possibility of storms lurking in the distance. The Fool wonders if the winged man and eagle are going to descend and suffer a loss.

There is also a winged bull and lion in the lower corners of the Wheel of Fortune surrounded by white clouds. The Fool wonders if the winged bull and lion are hopeful of ascending into happiness again.

The Wheel of Fortune is always turning and therefore one should take note that when you are happy and content, it’s not going to last forever because eventually you are going to descend and fall. Therefore, over time, you will experience rainy days because the gray clouds may appear and they represent the unexpected storms in life. So when you are suffering and going through a loss, know that you will rise again with hope for the future because the white clouds will appear and they represent sunny days on the horizon.

The left side of the Wheel of Fortune represents the past, and there is a yellow snake falling or descending and the color yellow represents an enlightening message. The yellow snake represents the Typhoon, the creature that brings bad luck. Snakes shed their skin which is symbolic of healing, change and transformation where one needs to let go of the past and embrace the future.

The right side of the Wheel of Fortune presents the present because the red creature is ascending and rising, and the color red represents action. The red creature represents the Anubis, which is the creature that brings good luck. The Anubis brings the past to the graveyard, so the past will rest in peace. The Anubis represents rebirth and rising from the ashes like the Phoenix.

The Sphinx represents the highest point and represents the future. The Sphinx is sitting on the top of the Wheel of Fortune, and looks like the Great Pyramid of the Gods. The Sphinx represents the “Guardian of Truth” and your higher mind, the guardian of your unconscious thoughts, subconscious (intuition and dreams), and conscious actions.

Let’s start with the unconscious part of your brain, the area of awareness, but it’s also the area that you cannot understand. The unconscious holds everything about you, including your memories, feelings, thoughts, and runs your entire body! The unconscious will dump information into your subconscious mind through your dreams and your intuition, and it stores every event that you have experienced.

Now let’s look at the subconscious mind that obeys the commands it receives from your unconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is related to your dreams and intuition, bringing you into that “Ah Ha Moment,” the feelings that you receive about a person or a situation that helps you avoid making the wrong decision, or avoiding a bad situation. Your subconscious mind serves you twenty-four hours a day and does not sleep, helping you with your emotional thoughts, hopes and what you crave to have, or what you do not want!

The conscious mind receives all the data that you experience. The conscious makes you take action, but also asks you to make a choice or a heartfelt decision that will be either positive or negative. This is the part of you that says yes or no, and you’ll either accept the data or you’ll reject it.

The Sphinx is the color blue, the color blue represents thought and the creature holds the “Sword of Truth.” The sword symbolizes the “Gate Keeper” of your thoughts and your inner secrets of life that are locked away in your unconscious, subconscious, and conscious. The Sphinx’s headdress is the color black and white, which represents the unconscious and conscious mind. The color black represents the unconscious and the color white, the conscious.

The Sphinx’s body is made up of the four fixed elements of the zodiac, which are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Taurus represents the body of the bull and your determination, Leo represents the paws of the lion and your strength, Scorpio represents the eyes of the eagle and your vision, and lastly, Aquarius represents the human head and your higher intellect.

The Fool understands that the Wheel of Fortune represents the “Cycles of Life” that are forever changing, but he does not like how the creatures are rising and falling, because they represent how a person rises and falls through their fate or destiny of life. The Fool is starting to understand that he is going to go through a phase of healing during his visit with the Wheel of Fortune.

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Okay, Thumbs Up, Let’s Do It!

With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2014

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  1. kenfabok says:

    “I have learned that if the Fool comes out on the first card in your reading, you need to take a closer look at the question that was asked.”

    But what if it’s the LAST or OUTCOME card in a reading?

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    • Safina says:

      Hello babe,

      It means that you are going to leap forward or the person you are asking about is going to leap!

      Love Safina

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