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The Fool’s Father, Saturn

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The Fool leaps forward to find his life purpose and he is ruled by the planet of Uranus, the planet of sudden unexpected changes. Uranus is also known as the rebellious planet because of its erratic behavior, and this the reason why the Fool was named the naïve child, because of his childish erratic behavior to take a leap forward without thinking it through.

The Tarot can be traced back to the 1400s when the planet Saturn, known as the father and lord of karma was the original ruler of Aquarius, the oldest of the gods in Roman mythology. But the ruler of Aquarius was changed to the planet Uranus in the 1800s. Uranus, known as the child with erratic behavior represents the youngest planet.

The planet Saturn was not going to give up control and let the Fool (Uranus), off the hook so easily with its rebellious erratic behavior, because, after all, Saturn is the father that rears his children. Saturn knew the Fool was going to make a lot of mistakes until he got it right.

During the Fool’s journey, Saturn watched the Fool learn new lessons and make a lot of mistakes. Saturn, the Fool’s father also represents karma: “When you cause something to happen, there is going to be an effect or equal reaction that happens because of what you caused.”

Always remember the planet Saturn teaches you to be your own boss, the taskmaster of your destiny and not rely on others. While this may not guarantee success, you learn your hardest lessons and earn your biggest rewards when developing an unshakable self-esteem through your own experiences.

Redwine2001 |

Saturn Has A Long Talk With The Fool About The Rainy Days

Saturn Says, “When You Cause Something To Happen, There Is Going To Be An Effect Or Equal Reaction That Happens Because Of What You Caused.”

Redwine2001 |

Saturn Was Not Going To Give Up Control

Saturn Is The Father That Rears His Children

Saturn Knew The Fool Was Going To Make A Lot Of Mistakes Until He Got It Right

The Fool Graduates

The planet Saturn, the teacher, father and original ruler of Aquarius made the Fool climb to the highest point of his natal birth-chart. I feel the tenth house of your natal birth chart is one of the strongest aspects because the tenth house represents your personal achievements connected to your career. The tenth house represents your financial success. You either spiral upwards or experience financial failure and spiral downwards, nose-down.

I learned the tenth house is connected to karma and consequences, and I feel the tenth house strikes you the hardest. The tenth house represents the hammer that hits the nail on the head with sudden impact as the most crucial house of the natal birth chart. The tenth house represents your ambition to succeed, support yourself and survive.

The First Saturn Return

I learned the planet Saturn takes about 29.5 years to travel through the entire zodiac and will spend about 2.5 years in each zodiac sign. Always remember when the planet Saturn is transiting through your natal birth house in retrograde motion, you will feel blocked and uncertain about proceeding forward. Saturn retrograde represents karma, limitations, long-term goals, accomplishments, and taking responsibility to set up your boundaries so that you feel secure.

At the age of 30, there is a marked difference in your maturity because the planet Saturn has visited your natal birth chart once, and you have grown and matured since the time of your twenties. Your “First Saturn Return” happens during the ages of 28-30, and represents learning structure and responsibility.

During your “First Saturn Return,” you are given the opportunity to accomplish a personal goal or achievement that is connected to your career. Your goal may represent completing your education or starting a new job. During the Saturn return, you may change your lifestyle by moving out of your parent’s home because you are ready to get your own place or buy your first home.

You may change your relationship status and enter into a new relationship or get married. I feel if you do not accomplish your personal goals in the “First Saturn Return,” you get another chance in your “Second Saturn Return.”

The Second Saturn Return

Then the planet Saturn will visit your natal birth chart again before you reach the age of 60, triggering another blossoming of maturity and another necessary education. Your “Second Saturn Return” happens during the ages of 58-60, and represents learning structure and responsibility again, but this time, everything is more difficult because there is more at stake, because you are older.

During the “Second Saturn Return,” you may want to separate from your past attachments which include your career. You may want to leave your career and retire early, or you may want to start a new job, or you may want to further your education or start your own business, a new career.

You may want to change your lifestyle and move away from the lifestyle that you had because you have outgrown it. This is the time when you feel like the Fool again, ready to leap forward.

You may want to change your relationship status which may represent that you want a separation, divorce, new relationship or a new marriage.

During the “Second Saturn Return,” you are ready to move on because you have outgrown your environment and feel this is the last opportunity you will have to get everything right.

The Mountain Goat

The Fool had to learn about the strong traits and characteristics of the Capricorn zodiac sign, during his visit to the “World.” He had to become the “Mountain Goat,” which gave him the ability to climb to the highest level and point in his natal birth-chart, the tenth house. Remember, the tenth house represents the hammer that hits the nail on the head, one of the most crucial houses of the natal birth chart.

During the Fools journey through the “Major Arcana,” he learned his moment of surrender, and he gave up at times, but he also learned that he had a second wind which uplifted him to be his own taskmaster. There were times when the vagaries of life overwhelmed him, filling him with the longing to pass the problem elsewhere. At times, he tossed up his hands and cried, “Enough, I am giving someone else the authority to handle the problem.” But he learned that humiliation and humility eventually taught him to pull himself up by his bootstraps to be his own boss, and to take charge of his life.

The Fool was groomed and influenced by the planet of Saturn to learn the determination of the “Mountain Goat” that is forever climbing toward greater heights. He learned the meaning of determination and that he had to work long hours, and he also had to learn a lot of lessons so that he was able to achieve his goals and find his life purpose and feel proud of his success.

Redwine2001 |

Saturn Celebrates

The Fool Learned That Humiliation And Humility Eventually Taught Him To Pull Himself Up By His Boot Straps And Be His Own Boss, And To Take Charge Of His Life


Connie Larsen |

The Fool Graduates From The School Of Saturn

The Fool’s Father, Saturn

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