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The Cinderella Marriage Timer

By Safina :: :: 2 comments


Christopher King |

The Moon Is Parked In My Sun!

The Marriage Or Relationship Timer

The Cinderella Marriage Timer

The midpoint of the Sun and the Moon are sometimes used to determine the timing of a relationship, meeting your marriage partner, or the timing when the relationship will get serious or tend toward marriage. I was intrigued with this concept, so I will show you how you can apply it to yourself. I will use myself and my ex-husband as an example.

We are going to add the degree positions of the Sun and the Moon and divide the result by two to determine this time. Below is a table of the zodiac and their true positions of each sign to help you convert your current degrees into the 360 degree zodiac table. Each sign is 30 degrees, adding up to a 360 circle (12 x 30=360). Here is a list of the zodiac in their true order and degrees.

The Zodiac Degrees

Aries 0 degrees

Taurus 30 degrees

Gemini 60 degrees

Cancer 90 degrees

Leo 120 degrees

Virgo 150 degrees

Libra 180 degrees

Scorpio 210 degrees

Sagittarius 240 degrees

Capricorn 270 degrees

Aquarius 300 degrees

Pisces 330 degrees

My Moon at the time of my birth was 1 degree, 30 minutes and 6 seconds in the sign of Virgo. My Sun at the time of birth was 2 degrees, 14 minutes and 54 seconds in the sign of Cancer.

Let’s begin by converting my Sun and Moon to the 360 degree table above. We start by converting the Moon, which is 1 degree, 30 minutes and 6 seconds in the sign of Virgo to the 360 degree zodiac circle. We add 1 degree, 30 minutes and 6 seconds to the starting degree of Virgo, which is 150 degrees: 150 degrees + 1 degree + 30 minutes + 6 seconds = 151 degrees, 30 minutes and 6 seconds. Let’s round this number to 152 degrees to make things easier.

Now, the Sun is 2 degrees, 14 minutes and 54 seconds in the sign of Cancer. The starting degree of Cancer is 90 degrees, so we add this all together: 90 degrees + 2 degrees + 14 minutes + 54 seconds = 92 degrees, 14 minutes and 54 seconds. Let’s round this to 93 degrees.

Now let’s add 152 + 93 together to find the midpoint: 152 + 93 = 245. Finally, we divide this number by 2 to get 122.5, rounding to 123.

Now let’s look at the original zodiac chart and see where the number 123 falls. The number 120 starts the zodiac sign of Leo on July 22 and lasting to August 23. My ex-husband asked me to marry him in the sign of Leo, so this formula did indeed apply to me.

The Progressed Seventh House Of My Birthchart

The progression of our birth charts shows you that our lives are not “fixed” or “set in stone.” Lessons will arise, and we will be in a “different” place to deal with our experiences. Our birth chart progresses with each year that we age, which means that your twelve (12) houses, planets and zodiac signs progress and change. Your Sun sign will move about one (1) degree each year and your Moon will move by about twelve (12) degrees a year. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in my progressed birth chart.

The progression influence of the seventh house of marriage and partnerships is in the sign of Pisces, as the primary ruler. Pisces is a mutable water sign with a motto of “I believe.” Dreamy, romantic Pisces may be my ideal partner because of its placement in the seventh house, in the future.

The sign of Pisces is in my seventh house now, the reason Pisces is in my seventh house is that Pisces is the opposite of Virgo, my rising sign of the first house. Pisces is the polarity of Virgo, which is my rising sign, right now, and opposites attract. The seventh house depicts a personality that is sensitive and affectionate, and Pisces are artistically inclined.

This house represents my desire for a romantic personality that will adore me, the Cinderella story of the caring, romantic prince who comes into your life and sweeps you away.

The movie Pretty Woman (The Cinderella Story) fits the seventh house nicely because the planet Neptune rules the sign of Pisces (Fantasy) and is a perfect example of Neptune’s operation in the seventh house of marriage and partnerships.

In the movie, Pretty Woman, Edward tries to persuade Vivian to make a deal so that he can keep seeing her when he is in town. He suggests putting her into her own condo or apartment and tells her that that he will take care of her and give her so much money to shop that the haughty boutique clerks will fall all over themselves to attend her.

But that is all he can offer her right now. Vivian turns Edward down and tells him that she is not interested, that it is a good offer but not enough because she is holding out for the “fairy tale”!

Edward asks her what she really wants and tries, as a successful businessman, to negotiate a deal (Pisces are known to be the richest and most successful people in the world). Edward makes a reference to “impossible relationships,” causing Vivian to become teary-eyed and realize she’s doing the right thing by turning him down.

Even though she is a career hooker, she will not make the mistake of being lured into an actual relationship for mere money. She has really fallen for Edward, and wants him to make her his princess by offering her the glass slipper, as in the story of Cinderella.

Lori Martin |

The Magical Slipper

With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2012


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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,
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