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The Blue Dinosaur

By Safina :: :: No comments

My Experience With The Lovers Tarot Card

In the fall of 1999, my brother was living with me and nagging me on a daily basis to start dating again. He would say, “Sis, it’s about time that you got back out there again!”

He suggested that I put an ad in the personals to find a man because everyone was doing it, and it was free.

He planted a seed in my mind, and after several months of careful thought, I did indeed place an ad in the personals that November.

Immediately afterward, I felt like an idiot. My mother and I had composed the ad together, calling for a 24-karat gentleman, not in terms of money, but rather in terms of morals and good family upbringing.

I felt that since times were changing, this was worth the attempt even though it was not something I was especially comfortable with.

I had a lot of calls from men whom I would meet at the nearby pancake restaurant for coffee. I felt really uncomfortable doing this and met some nice guys, but also some strange ones as well.

One night I met a Libra man, the first one that I genuinely liked, and he told me that he never did these types of things and had in fact carried the personal classified ad in the back of his truck for three weeks before daring to give a call.

From the time that we met at the restaurant, we were together all the time and he proposed to me during Valentine’s week in 2000.

When I first met him, he was so comfortable to be around that I felt like I already knew him. He was a beautiful person with amazing eyes that pulled me inward. He was brilliant as well.

He told me that when he was in college, his professor would call him up to the front of the class to assist with the explanation of concepts and teaching of the class when the professor was unable to break through to the students.

Yet his brilliance never made others uncomfortable. In fact, everyone loved him, including my parents, and he got along well with them.

We were together for a short time, about four years, until he was forced to join the witness protection program in order to protect his life.

I think that was the worst time in my life, and I got sick because of all the stress that I felt going through this situation.

One minute I was planning my wedding date, and the next minute he was gone with no way of knowing whether our paths would ever cross again. It happened with sickening rapidity, and in fact, I never got over it.

After he left, we were able to see each other and converse a few times, but 2007 brought an end to all communication, and I never heard from him again.

I recall that all this happened right after his mother passed. He was never the same after this because he loved his mother so much and blamed himself for the poor care she received in his absence.

His mother had told him that she sensed her impending death, and had implored him to fly her to Michigan to be buried next to her husband.

His mother’s last words to him directed him to “Never stop living!”

When my finance was young, his father was told by a fortune teller that he was going to struggle with something connected to his past life and that there was karma that was going to stay with him over his lifetime.

I really never thought much about that until it all happened.

After he left my life, I had a vision while I was awake, featuring a reptile the size of a dinosaur. But this reptile, instead of seeming dangerous, had very sad eyes, showing a sorrow that penetrated to the very soul.

© Ralf Kraft |

 My Vision—The Sad Dinosaur

I feel the reason that I was shown this dinosaur was to tell me that my fiancé was going to become extinct just as the dinosaurs did, and that I was never going to see him again.

I also felt this vision was telling me that we had a past life together as well, because the dinosaur refers to the past.

It took me a long time to interpret this vision, but three weeks before his mother passed, I had had another vision in which I saw the same dinosaur, but it was tiny like his mother.

© Sofia Santos |

My Vision—The Tiny Dinosaur—She Was Not Able To Say Goodbye—She Passed Suddenly

In the vision, the tiny dinosaur came out of the ground and tried to look at me, but it died before it could raise its head.

I feel this vision was telling me that she was going to pass suddenly and not be able to say goodbye. This vision disturbed me greatly, but everything finally made sense to me.

I feel the experience with meeting my soul mate really opened my eyes and taught me that we do have soul mates and past lives and that past karma, sadly, repeats again.


Blessings, Safina

© Safina 2011



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