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The Birth Of Your Olympic Torch

By Safina :: :: 3 comments

Ace of Wands-LotusThe Birth Of Your Olympic Torch

The Minor Arcana represents your choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny...

The Wands represent the spark plugs of the Tarot, the spark of creativity and the birth of an idea. The Wands are oriented toward action, growth and the realization of your dreams...

The Story About Zeus

In Mythic Tarot, you meet Zeus (the king of the gods, sky, weather patterns, and unexpected thunder bolts). Zeus was the ruler of Mount Olympus.

In the Ace of Wands he stands in front of the snow-capped mountains (Mount Olympus). Zeus was married to Hera (the queen of the gods, and the goddess of women and marriage). In legend, Zeus had many wives and lovers, and fathered many children with his numerous affairs and cheating escapades. Although Zeus cheated on his wife, he was worshipped for his kindness and wisdom for others as he got older, he ruled with strong ethical morals.

In the Ace of Wands, there is a ram with golden pelt draped over Zeus’s shoulder, the ram was sacrificed to Zeus because of his strong ethical morals to help someone in need, and you’ll read about this in the story below.

Zeus holds a large flaming Wand (the Olympic torch of fire represents a spiritual message of action). He also holds a globe that represents his power as a ruler, he is dressed in a purple robe that signifies royalty, and his unquestionable authority is attached to the symbol of his jeweled crown.

The Winged Ram From The Heavens With Golden Fleece

In legend, king Athamus married Nephele and they had two children, Phrixus (a boy) and Helle (a girl). But king Athamus also fancied Ino, and he married her as his second wife, Ino became the new queen.

Nephele and her children had to live as servants to queen Ino. They lived in raged clothes and had very little to eat. Queen Ino became the evil stepmother, she hated the king’s children and deviously plotted to get rid of them.

In one legend, queen Ino consorted with the women of the countryside in the fall season, and asked them to roast all the seeds. Queen Ino wanted the crops to fail and this evil act was going to cause starvation. When the crops failed to grow in the spring, the king contacted the great oracle messenger and told him to contact the gods and find out why the crops were not growing.

Evil queen Ino intercepted and bribed the oracle messenger with money, and ordered the messenger to lie to the king. The messenger took the money and lied to the king and told him that he had to sacrifice his children so the crops would grow.

The king contacted the local priests and they also insisted the children had to be sacrificed. The king took his children to the top of a nearby mountain to make the sacrifice, but their mother, Nephele, was watching and praying. Nephele begged the gods to send the “Golden Fleece Ram” from the heavens to carry her children to safety.

Queen Ino

 Giuliano Coman |

Queen Ino, The Evil Stepmother

Zeus heard Nephele’s prayers and contacted the heavens, and at the last moment, before the children were to be sacrificed, the Golden Fleece Ram appeared from the heavens and saved the children.

Phrixus and Helle jumped onto the rams back and the ram carried the children high into the air towards Asia. The ram flew towards the Black Sea, and Helle lost her grip and fell off the ram into the channel of the Black Mediterranean Sea, and died.

Phrixus held on and was carried to the land of Colchis in the Caucausus Mountains. Phrixus was grateful to be safe, and in the land of Colchis, so he sacrificed the ram to Zeus and presented the pelt (the golden fleece of the ram) to the ruler of the Caucasus territory.

King Aeetes (the ruler of Colchis) gave Phrixus the hand of his daughter in marriage, and Phrixus remained in Colchis for the remainder of his life. King Aeetes hung the Golden Fleece Ram on an oak tree in the middle of the sacred woods. The Golden Fleece Ram was guarded by a huge dragon or serpent monster that never slept, but the Golden Fleece Ram was eventually stolen by Jason, and the story of Jason and the Argonauts will be continued in the 2 of Wands...

The Energies Of The Wands

The Wands are associated with new courses that will further the development of careers, new ventures, and creativity, driven by a desire to move forward with no fear of changes. The “Suit of Wands” is also connected to the burning furnace of passion and sexuality within that seeks and desires to be loved. The Wands are fun, charming, energetic, exciting, adventurous, curious, protective, inspiring, challenging, and born to lead. They experience conflict, restlessness, anger, violence, and pride.

My Interpretation Of The Ace Of Wands

The “Ace of Wands” represents your energy, passion and willpower to start a new venture and pursue it with vigor. Your creativity and personal power are energized with enthusiasm, courage and confidence.

The Ace is the seed that is going to grow with energy, and when this card comes out in your reading, it expresses your creativity and desire to start something new. You will launch a new beginning, and the energy inside of you will burn hot, propelling you in a new direction to accomplish your dream.

The “Ace of Wands” is the fuel that helps you reach your goals. You may experience sudden flashes of inspiration and creativity that will pass through you like fire and you won’t be able to let this go until you do something about it.

I also call the Ace’s the controlling cards of the Tarot, because they control the path. They indicate the seed of action that is growing, the looming choices that you want to make to start a new venture. The Ace is the new start of a long awaited dream.

Olympic Torch

Monicaodo |

The Energies Of The Wands – Your Olympic Torch


The Reverse Meaning Of The Ace Of Wands

The reversed meaning of the “Ace of Wands” suggests that you are not motivated or excited about reaching a new goal. Nothing appeals to you right now. There is no spark or drive to move you in a new direction.

You've got Mail 3

Marcus Scott-parkin |

I hope you have enjoyed the Ace of Wands. Please let me know if you are in the process of making a big decision or going after an important goal. Or if you are experiencing sudden flashes of inspiration and creativity that are passing through you like the Olympic torch!

With Love and Joy, Safina!

© Safina 2013


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  1. Lacey says:

    awesome! exactly what I needed to hear and confirm! Im a Sag and starting school (again) to have a career for my children! I have the best support system ever but knowing I need to lean on and use them and actually doing so is harder... good to hear we cant always do it alone, and that it will take our energy cuz u kinda forget that. Thanx

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Was good hearing from you and glad that you liked the post and it helped you!

      Love Safina

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    • Safina says:

      Hello, and thanks for the message, glad that you are enjoying the site and the post!


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