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The Bird Lady

By Safina :: :: No comments

During the time when I was writing my Tarot book about the Queen of Wands, I had a vision and saw a bird sitting on the Queens shoulder, and that was the night I named the Queen of Wands the Bird Lady. I realized the Queen had a faddish for birds, and it made me cry because it brought back memories of my bird that had passed away.

I once had an African grey, and his name was Wilber. Wilber was with me for 27 years, until he passed away from a stroke. Wilber passed away on March 23, 2008, and every year on that date, I cry and feel like a blubbering mess, and it usually takes me a good 3 days before I am able to be myself again.

Wilber and I did everything together, and that bird loved watching TV with me and would steal my pillow. Wilber even loved going for car rides, he was just part of the family and wanted to go where you went. That bird ate what you ate for dinner, and even liked eating fried chicken. Wilber was amazing and had a large vocabulary. Every morning when he woke up he would talk and repeat every word that he learned, and this would go on for two hours, and we all called Wilber the gossiper. You had to watch what you said around that bird because it was going to be repeated.

When I was going through my divorce, every morning, Wilber would say, “We got to go see the lawyer!” Wilber did not like my ex-husband, because in the past, my ex would raise his voice, and Wilber would try to protect me, and start making loud missile noises that would pierce your ears.

Wilber was an ease dropper and picked up everything, he heard.  Wilber was the professional answering machine too, when someone called me and left a message, Wilber picked up the message word for word, and even repeated the phone number.  Every morning when I would get up and walk past his cage, he would say Hello, in this deep voice.  Here are some of the words that he said, and I wish I would have written them all down when he as alive, but here is what I remember today.

  • Wilber
  • I need water
  • Hello
  • Where’s that bird
  • Bad bird
  • Bull crap
  • Say what
  • Well what now
  • Oh sheeeet
  • Who farted
  • Crazy bird
  • You bozo
  • Who’s there
  • We got to go see the lawyer
  • He whistled
  • He meowed like a cat
  • He dropped bombs, a very loud noise that sounded like a missile
  • He made fart noises
  • He made the sound of a lion
  • He made the kiss sound

The night before April 23, I had a dream, and Wilber came in the dream, and the dream showed that he was living again and healthy. He lived with a new lady that loved birds, and in the dream, the lady always left the kitchen window open so he could go outside and visit with the other parrots.

My dream showed that he had a lot of friends that came and visited him, lots of parrots that were different colors. Wilber looked really healthy again, like his old self and wanted me to know he was okay, and that he had a new home, and was living with the Queen of Wands, the woman that loves animals and birds.

© Marcus Scott-parkin |


Love Safina




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