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By Safina :: :: 3 comments

6 of cups-lotusIt’s the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere and the spring season in the Southern Hemisphere, and the feeling of the “Six of Cups” is in the air! 

It’s also the time for another free tarot reading!  If you’re interested, you need to be an existing Lotus-LivePerson client that I have read for in the past.  When you respond to this post, send your LivePerson screen name, your name, date of birth, and your question.  I will get back to you within days to let you know if you are selected.

Did you know the “Six of Cups” represents nostalgia?  Are you looking back at the past or are you going through regrets, thinking about an old flame?  Is the shadow of the past toying with your emotions?  Do your emotions flare up at this time of the year, reminding you about someone that you never had a chance to experience fully?  Are you going through an awakening that is related to the past, unable to fully understand why this person left your life, and what could have been?

The “Six” of Cups” represents the old friend that comes back in your life from the past!  Did someone come back in your life recently?  Are you wondering if the friendship will be new and different this time, or end up the same way it did before?  I have this feeling that you’re not willing to repeat the past, and learn about your personal weaknesses again!  In the past, you may have let your heart rule, and you never expected that your mate was going to vanish and leave you looking back at what could have been!

The “Six of Cups” also represents the soul-mate from a past life in my tarot deck!  The soul-mate returns to your life unexpectedly, and there is a special bond with this person, because they’re connected to your soul’s path, or your past life.  The soul-mate experience is one of the most difficult experiences to let go of.  It takes a lot of hard work and self-respect to finally let go and understand why this person came into your life, and why they left! 

I feel that you have many soul-mates that are connected to your soul’s path, or your past life, and if you’re not ready and confident, reuniting with the soul-mate is going to bring out your flaws and teach you something about yourself.  I also feel there is unfinished business between you and the soul-mate, sometimes the soul-mate is connected to the experiences you still need to learn that will make you a stronger person, and sometimes the soul-mate comes into your life to help you and guide you on the right path, which happened to me.

The painful part of the soul-mate connection happens when they leave.  You’ll struggle to understand why they had to leave.  But after they leave, you’ll find healing, and you’ll be able to put the last piece into the puzzle to complete your soul’s journey with that person.  You learned about your personal weakness, but sometimes the soul-mate returns to stay.  If this happens, you’re both ready to be with each other.  The timing and vibration is correct and both of you are challenged to embrace your strengths, not the fears of the past.  Both have worked on your flaws and weaknesses and corrected them.  The vibration is very strong for everything to work out this time around.


Mackon |


With Love and Joy,

© Safina 2013


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  1. reiskh says:

    Hello lovely Safina,

    How have you been? I hope you are well. I’ve always wanted to drop you an email to let you know how it went with the readings I had with you months ago! But unfortunately my LivePerson has not been active, not too sure if you remember me, I used two different IDs to chat with you, one under reisy (April 26 2013) and one should be khoo (April 3,2013), just like to let you know I am finishing my studies soon, your advices were helpful :) . It is also mentioned that my outcome that realated to graduation there would be a celebration with loved ones and friends, you also mentioned about a love interest.

    I would like to find out about my love interest, again this is very general, I’d love to know when, how, where will I meet my romantic soul mate and what’s unfolding in future. With all my circumstances right now, juggling between work, finance, and studies, is it wise to be involve in love? They say timing is important in a relationship, I am quite interested in that.

    My first name is Reis
    Date of birth : 12th January 1990
    Live Person screen name : Khoo & Reisy
    Question is as below, with a follow up of history if you can remember what I was worry of ( and still ongoing) .

    If I am the lucky one, thank you for doing the reading for me.

    Warmest regards,

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    • Safina says:

      Hello babe,

      You are the winner of the free tarot reading and I will post it on the 30th of this month!

      Love Safina

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  2. reiskh says:

    Woo hoo! That’s exciting! Lucky me!!

    The best pressie after my toughest paper in Uni!
    Thank you!! :)


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