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Tarot Card For November 6, 2011

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Three Day Planet Forecast

Past-November 4, 2011

Safina’s Choice-The High Priestess

Present-November 5, 2011

Planet Venus Inconjunct Planet Jupiter: Planet Venus (represents love), The Inconjunct (represents that both Venus and Saturn do not want to form a relationship with each other), Planet Jupiter (represents good fortune).

What does this all mean? Relationships are stressed and not connected today. The planet Venus inconjunct planet Jupiter and we feel something is disconnected with our relationship and not going as smoothly as we would like, but this will pass as the planets change again.

Future-November 6, 2011

Safina’s Choice-The Joker

Raphotography |

The Joker—The Wild Card

The Joker has many names, such as the Jester, the Jokester, the Trickster, and the Clown. The Joker represents the comedian that was hired to amuse and entertain the kings, monarchs, medieval courts, and their guests. The Joker makes fun of everyone, is very unpredictable, and wants to have the last laugh.

The Joker is numerated zero (0), which represents the “Wild Card.” The Joker denotes a person with two personalities. The first personality represents the Fool, and the second personality represents the Magician. The Joker is the only playing card that connects to the Major Arcana.

The Joker represents a person that is unpredictable, but he is not naive like the Fool. He is a person that is trying to play one role, but he is really playing another role to trick you.

He is the trickster, but has the traits of the Magician which represents a charming negotiator with a strong mind. He has unshakable self-esteem which he learned through his secret strength of silence.

He is cunning and deceptive and very unpredictable, one that you cannot trust, and his presence suggests that something unexpected will happen or has happened that is out of your control. The Joker card evokes the phrase: “Here comes trouble!”

My Experience With The Joker Playing Card

My experience with the Joker card happened when I pulled a playing card spread for my roommate and the Joker came out on the first card. I thought, “Here comes trouble, and it will not be long!”

The day after I pulled the spread, my roommate said he experienced one of the worst days in his life.

I pulled the cards on a Sunday night, and my roommate said Monday felt like “Friday the 13th, broken mirrors, and the black cat walked across his path and turned his life upside down again, just when he thought the worst was over with, all his troubles came back to haunt him!”

The Timing Of The Joker Playing Card

The timing of the Joker playing card is immediate. The Jokesters plans are already in action, and were pre-planned.

The presence of the Joker suggests something unexpected will happen that will shock you or something already has happened that is out of your control, which will bring troubled times.


Did you ever meet a person that brings trouble with them, and the minute they show up, you think, here comes trouble again! This is the energies of the Joker. So if that person shows up in your life again, run for the hills!

Have a great day!


Blessings, Safina

© Safina 2011





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