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Tag "Trickster"

Stuck – The Cross Roads

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The Hanged Man Represents The Path Of Self Sacrifice And The Cross Roads... The Story of Prometheus In Mystic Tarot, and Greek Mythology, you meet Prometheus, a Titan that was blessed with the gift of prophecy, and his name represents “Foresight!” Prometheus was also known as the trickster and the thief to Zeus (the god more

The Magician

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The Magic Of Possibilities The Path Of The Magician Represents Discipline And Focus...  The Story Of Hermes In Greek Mythology, Hermes was the son of Zeus (the god of the sky, weather patterns, and unexpected thunder bolts). Hermes was the messenger of the gods and Zeus’s personal messenger. He was known as the fastest among more

Tarot Card For November 6, 2011

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Three Day Planet Forecast Past-November 4, 2011 Safina’s Choice-The High Priestess Present-November 5, 2011 Planet Venus Inconjunct Planet Jupiter: Planet Venus (represents love), The Inconjunct (represents that both Venus and Saturn do not want to form a relationship with each other), Planet Jupiter (represents good fortune). What does this all mean? Relationships are stressed and more