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Tag "Transformation"

Death – Endings Bring New Beginnings

By Safina on :: 23 views :: 16 comments

The Path Of Death Represents Transformation, Restructure And Re-Birth... When Transformation Visits Your Life, You May Feel A Sudden Shock, A Sensation Of Friday The 13th, And Bad Luck Crossing Your Path!  You May Wonder, If You Have Died? The Answer Is No, But The Path You Were On Did! This Is Your Time To more

Rampant Action And Impending Communication

By Safina on :: 23 views :: 4 comments

The Eight of Wands is associated with the zodiac fire signs of Aries (determination), Leo (ready to be on the go with a moment’s notice) and Sagittarius (the explorer that loves to travel). I named the suit of Wands, “The Boat Cards” because they represent your “Boat” which refers to something that you really want, more