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The Fool’s Jewels…

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What Are The Jewels Of The Fool’s Tarot Card... Piccia Neri | Opening The Fool’s Treasure Chest... The Jewels Of The Fool Tarot Card! Timing: The timing of the Fool is within one month except during the time when the planets Saturn and Uranus are retrograde. If you leap forward during retrograde, you may more

The Gambler

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The Path Of The Fool Represents Leaping Into The Unknown And Learning New Lessons On The Way... The Story Of Dionysus In Greek Mythology, Zeus (the god of the sky, weather patterns, and unexpected thunder bolts) had an affair, and fell in love with Princess Semele, a mortal woman, whom became pregnant with Zeus’s child. more

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

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Isaac Marzioli | My experience with the “Ace of Pentacles” represented starting my new career in the field of Metaphysics. The “Ace of Pentacles” is the beginning stages of self-confidence that helps you reach your goals. You may experience sudden flashes of inspiration and creativity that will pass through you like fire and you more

The Fool’s Father, Saturn

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The Fool leaps forward to find his life purpose and he is ruled by the planet of Uranus, the planet of sudden unexpected changes. Uranus is also known as the rebellious planet because of its erratic behavior, and this the reason why the Fool was named the naïve child, because of his childish erratic behavior more

A Closer Look At The Fool

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My Interpretation Of The Tree Of Life – The Fool The Connection To The Tarot, Planets, Archangels, And The Chakras Artellia | The Fool’s Path – The Number Eleven In The Tree Of Life The Path Of The Higher Conscious And The Conscious Intellect The Fool’s journey represents the path of connecting to his more

Tarot Card For Today

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Three Day Planet Forecast Past-October 31, 2011 Planet Venus Square Planet Neptune: Planet Venus (represents love); The Square (represents tension); Planet Neptune (represents illusion and mystery). What does this all mean? Love relationships are going through highs and lows, the ups and downs, endings and new beginnings. Planet Venus squares planet Neptune and stirs up more

Welcome To The Major Arcana Destiny Tarot Cards

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“I am connected to the planet Uranus and the Aquarius zodiac sign. The planet Uranus is like the seven year itch! It makes me want to explore! This planet is a rebel with a cause! I am being sent on a new path because Uranus says change is inevitable!”