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Tag "Spiritual Connection"

The Ebenezer Scrooge Card

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The dark haired man represents “Ebenezer Scrooge!” He holds his Pentacles close to his heart because money, work, or a specific goal is all he wants to focus on. Let’s start by looking at the symbols of this card: There are two pillars intertwined with green grape vine leaves and ripe purple grapes. The green more

The Blue Dinosaur

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My Experience With The Lovers Tarot Card In the fall of 1999, my brother was living with me and nagging me on a daily basis to start dating again. He would say, “Sis, it’s about time that you got back out there again!” He suggested that I put an ad in the personals to find more

The Ace of Cups

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Source: Copyright-U.S. Games Systems, Inc. The Ace of Cups is connected to the element of water and the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water signs lead with their heart and they are emotional, secretive, intuitive, and healers. The Story Of The Ace Of Cups Tarot Card And Symbol Interpretations The “Ace of Cups” more

February Song

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© Mackon |  I Heard A Voice Say, “You Need To Buy A New Music CD!” As I remember, it was the month of January when my guides told me to go buy a new music CD. I wondered why, since I had just bought new CDs. But my guides continued to prompt me more