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Tag "Queen of Wands"

The Fourteen Paths Of The Wands

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The Minor Arcana represent your choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny. The Wands represent the spark plugs, the spark of creativity and the birth of an idea. The Wands are oriented toward action, growth and the realization of dreams. They are associated with new courses that will further the development of careers, more

The Queen of Wands – The Timing Card

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The Queen of Wands is numerated thirteen (13). When you see the number 13, do you think about bad luck, broken mirrors, black cats, and Friday the 13th? The Queen of Wands does not represent bad luck! The Queen represents the timing card in my deck and she is connected to the Royal Monarchy, of more

Tarot Card For November 7, 2011

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Source: U.S. Games Systems, Inc. My Interpretation Of The Queen Of Wands Tarot Card The “Queen of Wands” represents a woman that is full of vitality and has that inner spark needed to live life to the fullest. She has contagious energy, and her enthusiasm is like the eighth spark plug in a racecar. She more