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Tag "Morals"

Stuck – The Cross Roads

By Safina on :: 23 views :: 2 comments

The Hanged Man Represents The Path Of Self Sacrifice And The Cross Roads... The Story of Prometheus In Mystic Tarot, and Greek Mythology, you meet Prometheus, a Titan that was blessed with the gift of prophecy, and his name represents “Foresight!” Prometheus was also known as the trickster and the thief to Zeus (the god more

The Natal Birth Chart – The Emperor

By Safina on :: 23 views :: 5 comments

The Emperor Represents The Element Of Fire Tarot Astrology The First House – The Element Of Fire The House Of Astrology DNA The Emperor: The first (1st) house is ruled by the planet of Mars in the “Natal Birth Chart.” I named the first house astrology DNA: The first house is really interesting because our more