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Tag "Major Arcana"

The King of Cups – The Husband Card

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The King of Cups is connected to the zodiac water sign of Cancer. The King is numerated fourteen and represents the numbers 1 + 4, when added together, equal the number 5. The number 5 represents the connection to the Hierophant which suggests the King’s strong connection to the Royal Monarchy, of the Tarot, and more

Tarot Card For November 4, 2011–Safina’s Choice

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Source: Copyright-U.S. Games Systems, Inc. The High Priestess is connected to the Moon, that ephemeral ruler of the ocean’s tides and of our emotions that change and fluctuate just as the Moon itself. During the changing phases of the Moon, we may receive mixed messages between our heart and our mind and this red flag more

Tarot Card For November 3, 2011

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Three Day Planet Forecast Past-November 1, 2011 Planet Venus Square Planetoid Chiron: Planet Venus (represents Love); The Square (represents tension); Planetoid Chiron (represents the wounds from the past). What does this mean? We are not sure if we want to invest the time re-kindling a relationship or the relationship from the past. Planet Venus squares more

Tarot Card For Today

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Three Day Planet Forecast Past-October 31, 2011 Planet Venus Square Planet Neptune: Planet Venus (represents love); The Square (represents tension); Planet Neptune (represents illusion and mystery). What does this all mean? Love relationships are going through highs and lows, the ups and downs, endings and new beginnings. Planet Venus squares planet Neptune and stirs up more

February Song

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© Mackon |  I Heard A Voice Say, “You Need To Buy A New Music CD!” As I remember, it was the month of January when my guides told me to go buy a new music CD. I wondered why, since I had just bought new CDs. But my guides continued to prompt me more