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Horoscope ~ July 20 – July 26

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Sunday:  The planet Saturn (more lessons to learn, and the lord of karma) turns direct and leaves retrograde motion. If you’ve been experiencing a restriction or unable to make a decision, the soupy fog should start to clear, with each day that passes because the planet Saturn is now in the last shadow period. However, hold more

Jupiter — Your Guardian Angel

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Jupiter turned retrograde on November 7, 2013 and turns direct on March 6, 2014. Retrograde motion refers to a planet that appears to be moving backward as seen from the Earth. Symbolically, it signifies “unfinished business” and as the opposite of direct motion, it allows something to be done over again. I call the retrograde more

Free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

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I am delivering a message to you (by email) and you will not have to wait very long before you hear from me again, the timing of the 8 of Wands is very fast! The 8 of Wands is connected to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter (fate and destiny). Sagittarius is more

The Wheel of Fortune

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The Wheel Of Fortune The Wheel Of Fortune Represents The Path Of Destiny And Fate, And The Cycles Of Life That Are Forever Changing... The Spokes Of The Wheel Signify The Peaks And Valleys That Your Mind, Spirit And Body Will Pass Through During The Continuous Cycles Of Change... The Story About The Moirai In more

Can One Mistake Change Your Destiny …

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Can one mistake change the destiny of your life? Were you supposed to make that mistake for a specific reason? Was your life all plotted out for you on the day that you were born? Did your mistake sadly end up in your “Secret Closet” of regrets, because it taught you something about yourself that more

What Are The Jewels Of The Moon Tarot Card

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Piccia Neri | Opening The Moon Treasure Chest The Jewels Of The Moon Tarot Card   Timing: The timing of Moon is within one month except during retrograde periods, the retrograde periods are connected to the planets of Neptune and Jupiter, because the Moon does not travel in retrograde motion. If you leap forward more

Tarot Card For November 5, 2011

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Three Day Planet Forecast Past-November 3, 2011 Planet Venus Trine Planet Uranus: Planet Venus (represents love), The Trine (represents harmony and acceptance); Planet Uranus (represents new beginnings and sudden changes). What does this all mean? We are ready to move forward and take new risks. We are not ready to commit to anything because we more