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Tag "High Priestess"

A Lesson Learned

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The High Priestess: The High Priestess comes out in the past position sending a heartfelt message about a hidden secret that was going to be revealed to me. The Major Arcana cards represent the lessons that you are going to learn or have already learned through your life experiences, and the High Priestess is a more

Can One Mistake Change Your Destiny …

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Can one mistake change the destiny of your life? Were you supposed to make that mistake for a specific reason? Was your life all plotted out for you on the day that you were born? Did your mistake sadly end up in your “Secret Closet” of regrets, because it taught you something about yourself that more

The Paths Of The Twenty-Two Major Arcana

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The word Arcana comes from the Latin word Arcanum which represents a sacred secret or mystery that one must discover. Here are the secret paths of the Major Arcana and the major lessons you will learn on each path. The secret paths of the Major Arcana represent the journey of the Fool, in which the more

Tarot Card For November 4, 2011–Safina’s Choice

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Source: Copyright-U.S. Games Systems, Inc. The High Priestess is connected to the Moon, that ephemeral ruler of the ocean’s tides and of our emotions that change and fluctuate just as the Moon itself. During the changing phases of the Moon, we may receive mixed messages between our heart and our mind and this red flag more