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Tag "Gemini"

The Bleeding Heart

By Safina on :: 23 views :: 66 comments

About the Swords:  The Swords usually indicate a struggle or conflict, a possible decision about separating from your past attachments.  There is a desire to find truth that will shed light on your situation so you can act on it.  The Swords represent your thoughts, which will cut into and sort through your situation. The more

Sailing Away From My Past

By Safina on :: 23 views :: 6 comments

The Suit of Swords represents your choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny. The Swords represent your mental outlook with respect to communication and thought as well as the need to stay rooted within your consciousness (the now) and be aware of your comparative, inquisitive, analytical, and investigative perceptions. The Swords usually indicate more

The Cross Roads – Unresolved Direction

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“I just want to retreat to my own island, and be alone, so that I can think. My mind is cluttered with thought, and I cannot shut out the noise I am hearing in my thoughts!” The Swords are associated with the astrological air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and represent your mental outlook more

The Thief

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Caution: Another person may be tempted to do something that is not right! Beware, there is a cunning person who will take something or betray your confidence to get ahead! The Seven of Swords is associated with the astrological air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and represents your mental outlook with communication and thought. more