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Tag "Full Moon"

The Moon ~ Dreams

By Safina on :: 23 views :: 2 comments

  The Path Of The Moon Represents Illusion, Mystery, Dreams, Lies, Deceit And Confusion... The Story About Hecate In Mythic Tarot and Greek Mythology, you meet Hecate, the Triple Moon Goddess. She represents the 3 stages of life, and the 3 phases of the Moon. Hecate‚Äôs mother was Asteria (the star goddess of dreams, astrology, more

Full Moon–November 10, 2011

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Snizhanna | The Full Moon: Wishes Come True It is under the full splendor of the radiant Full Moon that your wish should come true. The Moon, now at a 180to 225 degree angle to the Earth and Sun, is full; the face gazing downward from the Moon is almost entirely palpable. Intensity and more