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The Page of Cups – The Messenger

By Safina on :: 23 views :: 43 comments

The Page of Cups is connected to the zodiac water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The Page represents the Prince, the youngest, of the Royal Court, in the Tarot. He is growing into his role, as the messenger and this is the reason he is connected to all the water zodiac signs, because he more

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Wrath, Envy, Sloth, Vanity, Greed, Gluttony And Lust

By Safina on :: 23 views :: 17 comments

The Seven of Cups represents perfection, imagination, delusion, temptation, fantasy, weakness and regrets. A woman is fantasizing and daydreaming about the seven golden cups which represent the seven perfect deadly sins which are: wrath, envy, sloth, vanity, greed, gluttony and lust! If you look closer at the card, there is woman on the right, pointing more

The Four Golden Cups: A Symbol of Love, Temptation, Something Very Valuable That You Want and Desire

By Safina on :: 23 views :: 9 comments

Did you know Golden Cups represent the feminine side of yourself, a symbol of love, temptation, and something very valuable that you want and desire? The Four of Cups reflects four (4) different situations which are very emotional and if you look closer at the card you will see the water in the background is more

The 3 of Cups

By Safina on :: 23 views :: 5 comments

The 3 of Cups is connected to the zodiac water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The 3 of Cups represents wedding celebrations, the birth of a child, or the successful completion of a long – awaited goal. Companionship is part of life, and meeting up with your friends is a very important part of more

The Ace of Cups

By Safina on :: 23 views :: 12 comments

Source: Copyright-U.S. Games Systems, Inc. The Ace of Cups is connected to the element of water and the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water signs lead with their heart and they are emotional, secretive, intuitive, and healers. The Story Of The Ace Of Cups Tarot Card And Symbol Interpretations The “Ace of Cups” more

The Minor Arcana–The Suit Of The Cups

By Safina on :: 23 views :: No comments

The Minor Arcana represent your choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny. The Cups represent your personal outlook with respect to your emotional feelings and your tendency to think with your heart rather than with your head. This includes the connection to love, friendships and relationships which exert such strong pull on your more