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Tag "Cupid"

The Sun

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The Hidden Prophecy ~ First Love Never Dies In Mythic Tarot and Greek Mythology, you meet Apollo, the sun god. Apollo was the god of prophecy, music and knowledge. Apollo wears a blazing sun crown, related to his big heart. His sun crown is decorated with a laurel wreath that signifies the ability to communicate more

The Birth Of Opening Your Heart

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The Minor Arcana represent your choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny. The Cups represent your personal outlook with respect to your emotional feelings and your tendency to think with your heart rather than with your head... This includes the connection to love, friendships and relationships which exert such strong pull on your decisions. more

Rampant Action And Impending Communication

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The Eight of Wands is associated with the zodiac fire signs of Aries (determination), Leo (ready to be on the go with a moment’s notice) and Sagittarius (the explorer that loves to travel). I named the suit of Wands, “The Boat Cards” because they represent your “Boat” which refers to something that you really want, more

Unexpected Dreams

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I have been hit by Cupid many times in my life, a call not to be refused. Human instinct requires that we risk all for love, though at the time, you think of everything but the danger involved in getting hurt. You just embrace the chances freely, hoping for the best, but sometimes the unexpected more

Tarot Card For November 3, 2011

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Three Day Planet Forecast Past-November 1, 2011 Planet Venus Square Planetoid Chiron: Planet Venus (represents Love); The Square (represents tension); Planetoid Chiron (represents the wounds from the past). What does this mean? We are not sure if we want to invest the time re-kindling a relationship or the relationship from the past. Planet Venus squares more