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My name is Safina!  Welcome to Lotus Tarot, and thank you for visiting my profile! 

The name “Safina” means large vessel or boat.  So welcome aboard my boat, where I invite you to sail away on a short voyage of learning and exploration into the intricacies of your psychic disposition.

My readings are informed by a unique combination of Tarot, Astrology and the messages I receive from my guides.

I have a deep love for the Tarot and learned the meaning of the “Tarot Cards” through all my life experiences and from my spirit guides who send messages and talk to me through the Tarot.

When something major is going to happen in my life, my guides usually talk to me through the Tarot.

My Spiritual connection will flash a card in front of me many times, in a colorful vision which represents the timing for the card, which I have learned to understand as a warning of an impending surprise.

I learned the secrets of the Tarot through all the symbols and colors of the cards.  Each tarot card has its own specific story that pertains to the experiences we will go through.

When you come on board, I will ask you for your name and date of birth, as well as your questions and concerns.

I will say a prayer to connect with your guides and ask for information that will help answer your questions.

I will pull a “Celtic Tarot Spread” and look at the advice the cards are revealing to you, interpreting the message that answers your question and aids you in making important decisions.

As a child I had the ability to sense people’s energy, and this made me oversensitive and awkward, dividing me from my friends.

Over the years I have learned to harness the connection and have it work for me rather than overtake me.

When I first began meditating, my guides would come and speak to me.  I came to learn that the number 6 is very important to me, as it has repeated many times in my life, bringing good and bad times.

From there on I continued to get messages from my guides, and though I never followed their indications, they were always right.

Years later, I met Master Chin Yin from China at a retreat.  When I met her, I saw her Aura and her energy field, and that was the day my life changed forever.

She told me that I had special abilities that needed to be developed, and in time I would be able to see inside of people’s bodies, by which she meant that I would grow into a medical, intuitive psychic.

We are here to learn about ourselves and clean up our past so we can find our future and the person we are supposed to be with!

I believe that we have to cut the cords of our vows and contracts sometimes to find our true self and our destiny.  The soul holds all the secrets and records all our contracts with this lifetime and with the past.


Blessings, Safina