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Sailing Away From My Past

By Safina :: :: 6 comments

The Suit of Swords represents your choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny.

The Swords represent your mental outlook with respect to communication and thought as well as the need to stay rooted within your consciousness (the now) and be aware of your comparative, inquisitive, analytical, and investigative perceptions.

The Swords usually indicate a struggle or conflict, a possible decision about separating from your past attachments.


There is a desire to find truth that will shed light on your situation so you can act on it. The Swords represent your thoughts, which will cut into and sort through your situation.

The Swords further represent the element of air, the season of spring, the color yellow, and the direction of the east. The Swords are associated with the astrological signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Their positive characteristics are their strength, authority, courage, ambition and desire to travel. The Sword Archetypes desire to seek the truth and are not afraid to call a “spade a spade”!

They experience conflict, pain, anger and aggression, and are connected to the spring months in the northern hemisphere and the fall season in the southern hemisphere: March 21 to June 21. The timing of the Swords is undetermined because this Archetype wrestles with unresolved issues in their mind.

The “Six of Swords” represents traveling away from your problems and difficulties. Your mind is cluttered with sadness and needs to heal and recover. The only way to succeed is to avoid stagnation by changing your environment along with its problems.

You feel a need to change the scenery and your surroundings to heal your mind and see things differently. This card suggests that there has been depression, listlessness, and difficulties just getting through the day.

You have lost hope in the face of trauma and need to regain the health of your mind, body, and spirit. You feel by traveling away from your difficulties, your mind will change positively. You feel at a turning point in your life, confronting better times that will provide necessary healing as you tackle your problems the only way you know how to.

Retreat is the only way to find mental peace because your current environment makes thought impossible. The future is unknown at this time, and there are problems to resolve. Nevertheless, you will weather this storm and find mental clarity again, because you are changing your environment and leaving the difficulties behind you.

The Six of Swords is numerated six and represents the return of harmony when we resolve our issues. The sky is cloudy, representing an uneasy feeling and something amiss. There are gray mountains in the distance, surrounded by a body of water, the color blue representing the throat chakra and a goal that seems far away.

The throat chakra, in turn, stands for communication and self-expression. The color blue also represents our inner voice and our “abstract intuition.” When we feel over-stimulated, we take something to the extreme and make mistakes for lack of clear sight.

The Six of Swords depicts a light-haired man, symbolic of the Swords, ferrying a rusty-orange raft that has weathered many storms; the rusty-color orange represents the need of healing. He is guiding the raft in a new direction, moving away from hard times, which is shown by the rough, turbulent current on the starboard side of the boat (the right side).

He is sailing away to calmer waters, which is depicted by the serene waters on the port side of the boat (the left side). He is moving away from the conflict of the past, seeking mental peace. His release from the past requires a move in search of peace, depicted by his rafting.

He understands that by traveling away from his problems and the environment of the past, it will be easier to function and see things clearly. A new direction will bring a positive change and heal his cluttered thoughts, bringing him to a safe and comfortable harbor in his mind. There are six swords that seem to pierce the boat, and they are the plugs that keep the water from sinking the raft.

The Swords are silver-blue (representing thought and purification, the need to understand). The man is running away from his problems, and the Swords that are plugging the raft from sinking represent only a temporary fix, not the answer. It will take time to resolve the problems that he is going through.

Air signs have a tendency to judge themselves and others harshly because they have high standards and will carry a grudge and express their opinion. They are known to change their temperament as fast as the wind changes and will not hesitate to express their anger verbally.

Their decisions are not swayed by others. They will take a step back and come to terms with their issues, but it will take time, and they cannot be rushed. Their decision comes only when they are ready.

© Wen-liang Tseng |

I Am Not Sure When I Will Return


With Love And Joy,


© Safina 2012


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  1. Evelyn Cunningham says:

    Your article couldn’t be any more accurate. It’s absolutely true on what it said...I am a firm believer of going away to change my enviroment in order for me to move forward to clear my thoughts.
    I wish I could do this right away..but, due to my financial delimma, I’m unable too.

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thank you for the comment about the card I wrote. Sorry to hear that you have been going through a difficult time, yes it’s better to leave the environment that you are in as it has a magical healing affect.

      I am here if you want to come and chat.

      love Safina

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  2. Kim Oliver says:

    Dear Safina, I am a spiritual person who loves the tarot, astrology, runes, and feng shui. I wanted to say that I love the way you describe the tarot cards in such detail. Im not very good with tarot. I try to understand the meanings of the cards, but am not adept enough to get the full meanings. I can sense that you are a very special person, who is sensitive, caring, intuitive, and beautiful. Im glad I came to your blog website, because its so honest and accurate. I feel blessed to have found a psychic who is truly gifted and honest in her profession. Thank you....

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thanks so much for the email, I am so happy that you like what I write about and that it all makes sense to you. I love the Tarot, and it runs in my family, my great grandmother was a Tarot reader and very accurate. I follow after her with the gift that I have.

      Love Safina

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  3. OYtq says:

    407936 756377I see your point, and I totally appreciate your article. For what its worth I will tell all my friends about it, quite resourceful. Later. 713767

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thanks for the message and glad that you liked the post!

      Love Safina

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