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Running On Empty

By Safina :: :: 6 comments

About the Swords: Truth – The Swords are connected to your thoughts, choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny.

The Swords usually indicate a struggle or conflict, a possible decision about separating from past attachments. The Sword Archetypes want to find the truth, which will shed light on their situation so that they can act on it, cut through their struggles and make the right decision.

The Swords represent your mental outlook with respect to communication and thought as well as the need to stay rooted within your consciousness (the now) and be aware of your comparative, inquisitive, analytical, and investigative perceptions.

The Sword Archetypes experience conflict, pain, anger and aggression, and are connected to the spring months in the northern hemisphere and the fall season in the southern hemisphere: The time of March 21 to June 21 and the season we are in right now!

The timing of the Swords is undetermined in my deck, because this Archetype wrestles with unresolved issues in their mind, but when the timing is on course, it all happens with sudden rapidity.

The Swords further represent the element of air, the season of spring, the color yellow, and the direction of the east. The Swords are associated with the astrological signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Their positive characteristics are their strength, authority, courage, ambition and desire to travel. The “Sword Archetypes” desire to seek the truth and are not afraid to call a “Spade a Spade”!

My interpretation of the Four of Swords: The “Four of Swords” represents a period in your life where you need to rest and recover after a difficult experience with heavy emotional trauma. The “Four of Swords” suggests a breakdown in your relationship, troubled times, excessive worry, or a possible operation or major illness.

The primary meaning of this card is a need to find peace and quiet. You need to quiet your internal and external selves. This is a time to trust your faith and understand that you need to give your body, mind and spirit a rest. Just as the bear goes into hibernation, you need this restorative peace.

No matter how you are pushed and pulled to take action, you need to stop and be still, detain your mind from racing. It’s time to slow down before you overdo it. Your mind is so cluttered with thought that you cannot see things clearly, and failure to stop may make you ill.

© Pinonsky |


About the symbolism of the Four of Swords: The “Four of Swords” is numerated four and represents the need to establish a strong foundation like the Emperor, who controls his environment through hard work that will pay off with steady and secure progress and growth.

There are four (4) swords crossing each other, and they are lying on the ground, forming the four spokes of the Wheel of Fortune. The Spokes represents the four (4) alchemical symbols.

Within the Wheel of Fortune, the second circle from the inside of the wheel is inscribed with the alchemical symbols of Mercury, Sulfur, Salt and Water.

Starting with the symbol under the letter “T” is the symbol of Mercury, represented by a circle with horns and a straight line. Under the letter “A” is the symbol of Sulfur, represented by a triangle with a small line. Under the letter “R” is the symbol of Water, represented by two wavy lines, and under the letter “O” is the symbol of Salt, represented by a circle. Here are the meanings of the alchemical symbols and their influences.

• Mercury: Mind – The seat of thought

• Sulfur: Soul – The seat of desire

• Salt: Body – The seat of action

• Water: Purity – The seat of cleansing

The swords represent your strength, ambition, and your willpower to follow through and cut through something. The swords also represent authority and power, but the reason they are lying on the ground reflects that one needs to slow down. The Archetype needs a period of rest, to allow full recovery after having endured a difficult time.

The Archetype went through some trauma and a breakdown in their relationship, causing a restless mind and a need for peace with their thoughts, but also there is a warning to rest their desires, actions, and to cleanse themself, so the Archetype can heal.

The Archetype is expressing a need to retreat within and recuperate. The Archetype needs seclusion to retreat from pain, stress and anxiety, and is searching for answers through prayer and meditation.

The Archetype needs to let go of the situation before it makes them ill, and they need to come to terms and unclutter the thoughts of their mind. This is not a time for a decision, but a time for rest. The timing of this rest is undetermined right now because one needs to heal before they plan to do anything else.

More about the Four of Swords: My experience with the “Four of Swords” involved driving myself too hard and not getting the proper amount of sleep. I had too much on my plate all the time and was trying to please everyone except myself.

I learned that my body, mind and spirit can only take so much self-abuse, until one day I just could not do it anymore, and I found myself taking a long rest. I was burned out and needed to hibernate just as the bear does all winter long, a badly needed rest to recharge my body.

This was a time when I had to change my lifestyle for a while and make the right changes to heal my body, and also to learn how to say no!

© Christian Delbert |

I Only Had One Drop Of Energy Left!


With Love And Joy,


© Safina 2012


Rider Waite Tarot Card – The Wheel of Fortune

Source: U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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  1. Neli says:

    Hello, it is strange that you sent an e-mail about the Four of Swords just now. As you invited, I could share my personal experience. I took a 2 week Christmas and New Year holiday vacation from work. And it is a long desired break from the world for me. Just before the vacation I had a horrible situation at work, a new role in a new team that I assumed with the new managers in September. Not long after I joined, I understood that my colleagues, all coming to the city from the country unlike myself, discriminate people from my birth town and began to bully me. This included my newly promoted manager from the country who tried to retaliate me for reporting to HR. I still don’t know the exact reason (I am not sure if it is my citizenship) but it was a true nightmare, for weeks having to go to the bathroom to not burst in tears in front of the people. I had weeks of struggle to convince HR to believe me and to save myself and my job. FInally I obtained approval to transition to another position as soon as possible. That thing aside, several months before this, short after assuming my new job position, I had to get rid of a bad relationship with a boyfriend I was going to live with in my own apartment. We started to repair the apartment since he wanted it to be newer and better, but all ended up to be at my financial expense. I also have had over the year a lot of bitter disappointments from people I considered “friends” – I had to cut them loose and stop lying to myself that they are treating me the way I deserve. Now I have a huge financial debt, I have cut my personal relationships to the very minimum of people and relatives who truly care about me, and have to load myself with patience until I get transferred to another team at work. Sitting alone at home and gathering only with the closest relatives, with their invitation, away from the people at work surrounding me with their hatred, is really something I strongly need. I wish I could stay longer away from the world to clean my Self from the pollution I had let in my life. Thankfully, Neli

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Sorry to hear what you have been though! I am here if you want to come and chat! Maybe I can help!

      Love Safina

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  2. marley says:

    You emailed me the 4 of Swords, “tough as nails I said can’t be true”, 2 hours later I was down with Vertigo. Wow! you right I need some rest. Love and Light, Thank I will will listen quickly.

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe.

      Yes, feeling exausted sneeks up on you just like that... and that is the feeling of the 4 of Swords... Thanks for the message and glad that you enjoyed the card.

      Love Safina

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  3. zHZNaMAW says:

    131083 421452You

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,
      Thanks for the message, and I am glad that you are enjoying the posts. I love writing about the Tarot and my experiences with the cards.

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