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Rampant Action And Impending Communication

By Safina :: :: 4 comments

The Eight of Wands is associated with the zodiac fire signs of Aries (determination), Leo (ready to be on the go with a moment’s notice) and Sagittarius (the explorer that loves to travel).

I named the suit of Wands, “The Boat Cards” because they represent your “Boat” which refers to something that you really want, something that nobody can dissuade you from.

You feel very close to getting what you desire and the energy about your “Boat” and the new direction is making you feel alive again. You feel that you have thought everything through and you are not changing your mind, and there is no turning back! You are going for it and putting your plans into action!

Did you know the Eight of Wands represents the eighth house of your natal birth chart? The element of water represents (how emotional you are about your new direction), and the planet Pluto represents (re-birth and transformation, your second wind that is making you feel alive again) and the planet Mars represents (the red torch that lights a fire under your passions, then propels you like an ignited rocket toward your goals)!

Let’s look at the symbols of the Eight of Wands to see what’s going on! Let’s start with the ocean and two dolphins: There are two dolphins springing up from the ocean and they represent a message and speedy communication.

The ocean represents the emotional state of someone because water represents emotions, and the persons emotions are on edge because the current is choppy. Why are there two dolphins in this card instead of one? There may be a relationship on the horizon! Relationship equals the number two and there are two dolphins! The lit torches on the boat represent a timing connected to the planet Mars, a possible relationship timer.

Did you know the color red symbolizes Cupid, the youngest of the gods and the offspring of Venus, the goddess of love, and Mars, the god of war? Cupid inherits the traits of both his parents and is thus a god of both love and war, an amalgamation reflected in his bow and arrow, which infuse its stricken targets with passion.

Let’s talk about the color yellow next. Did you know the color yellow represents an enlightening spiritual message about your happiness connected to the future? Look at the sails of the boat, they are red which means action, but there is also a yellow star in the middle of the sail, which represents hopes and wishes, and also ones faith to succeed.

The blue sky represents thought and suggests a sudden release of energy with impending communication on the way. The energies of the Wands have the effects of rampant action and communication that clears away all negative energies and doubt that have long plagued you.

The Eight of Wands represents lightning speed and the swift release of energy that clears away confusion and starts everything in motion through communication. Something will finally be resolved, or a romance will begin. The energy is so fast and strong that you may be swept off your feet by a charming, new love interest, or else resolving something that was holding you back.

Everything will happen so fast that you will be wondering what hit you and how everything just came out of nowhere. Love will be attracted to you like a magnet, and you will feel that everything in your life is finally falling into place.

The Eight of Wands is the card of swift action, which means that all the delays in your life will come to a conclusion. Good news is on the way, and you will receive communication that will be helpful to resolve your ongoing issues and release them for good.

Illustrart |

A New Relationship – Cupid Targets With Passion

James Steidl |

The Lucky Four Leaf Clover – The Rainbow That Appears After The Strom Bringing Good News

With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2012


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  1. sabita says:

    these thing ar so true right now.

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  2. oneluckyduck says:

    You wrote another card interpretation that BLOWS other tarot websites away. You have been spot on and I resonate with your card meanings 100%. It’s uncanny how accurate you are (but then again, does that surprise us? Your great grandmother and mother taught you well!). I also love how the Universe synchronistically led me to this page AFTER I saw 9:28am on my clock. I was born Sept. 28th and you wrote the 8 of Wands on 9/28. That’s confirmation enough to let me know that YOUR interpretation is the one I’m needing to know. Blessings to you – and thank you for an awesome site.


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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thanks for the message and glad that you loved the card! I love receiving messages, so thanks for taking the time to send this!

      Love Safina

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