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The Queen of Wands – The Timing Card

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The Queen of Wands is numerated thirteen (13). When you see the number 13, do you think about bad luck, broken mirrors, black cats, and Friday the 13th? The Queen of Wands does not represent bad luck!

The Queen represents the timing card in my deck and she is connected to the Royal Monarchy, of the Tarot. Timing is her job, and this is the reason she holds the burning torch in her right hand. Remember the right side represents the present, and what is about to happen, or what is happening now.

The Queen is very spiritual and dedicated to her beliefs. She is confident and controls the timing of something important that will surface. She will provide you with the timing of an impending change, which may be good or bad, depending on the surrounding cards.

The Queen of Wands is connected to the zodiac fire sign of Leo. Leos are ambitious, courageous, strong-willed, positive, independent, self-confident, and born leaders. The Leo is also faithful, but a Lion that is injured in love will reject your affections and as the once-brilliant light fades into obscurity, the Lion will grow distant as he or she retreats to nurse their wounded ego.

The Queens throne is decorated with two lions, and she has a lion as her pet which is symbolic of protection, but the lions also represent her energy, which indicates the Queen’s own playfulness.

The Queen loves animals, but she also has this faddish for parrots, and at times she will walk around with a parrot on her shoulder. This Queen can also predict gossip or if someone is talking about you. Parrots have a repetitive behavior because they will repeat the words that people have taught them.

When the Queen of Wands comes out in your reading, she is reminding you to live life to the fullest and tackle everything with dedication and commitment. She is a woman that loves to be on the go, and she lives a fast, upbeat life; nothing slows her down. She is fierce, passionate, and determined; rather than brutish; she is direct and honest, arriving at her point rapidly.

She has experienced deep pain and hardships in the past, but she doesn’t let that pain break her spirit. She chooses to learn from the painful experience of the past and grow from it. She has a dark side to her because of the pain that she went through, but she chooses to keep this side of her life private. Playful, attractive, and lively, she lights up a room when she enters. The Queen of Wands inspires you to live a more fulfilled life and to be true to yourself.

She Lights Up The Room When She Enters


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© Safina 2012

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