The Progressed Lunar Moon Return

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Are you the age of 27-28? This is the time when you’re going to experience your first progressed lunar Moon return. The first progressed lunar Moon return represents the time when your natal Neptune trines your transiting Neptune, and your natal Uranus trines your transiting Uranus. The progressed lunar Moon return is the “Queen Bee” of all Moons because this transit brings you into a timing of change, and the planet Saturn tells you where you are headed!

During this transit, you’ll be on the verge of a new romantic interest that is coming into your life, especially when the planet Saturn is moving through your 5th house of fun, romance, children, and creativity. Or if the planet Saturn is moving through your 7th house of marriage! This transit brings you into a new romantic relationship, but sometimes this transit redirects you out of a relationship because there is another person you’re supposed to be with in your lifetime!  Either way, this is the time when a new relationship is coming in your life!

Ace of Cups-lotus

The Ace of Cups brings you into a new beginning and new direction, relating to love and romance.  The Aces are the controlling cards of the Tarot in my deck, and they lead you on the new path of love and romance.  The Aces are the yes cards, and they say yes to romance, and happy times ahead!

3 of cups-lotus

The Three of Cups crosses your new beginning and new direction with love and romance. The 3 of Cups leads you into a new friendship that turns serious, and later the friendship leads you to the celebration of engagement, and a long term commitment!

2 of cups-lotus

The Two of Cups crosses and leads you into your wedding day, and the time of marriage when you and your soul mate take your marriage vows and start living your life together as man and wife, and bond together as one!

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