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My experience with the 3 of Cups

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My experience with the “Three of Cups” started out in the upright position and turned into the reverse position. As I remember, my ex – husband and I were invited to the last “Tomcat Ball” which was being held at the “Miramar Navy Base” in San Diego, California.

Miramar was the home of “Top Gun” and the F – 14 “Navy Fighter Pilots.” During that time of my life, I lived very close to the Navy Base. Miramar felt magical at times, especially watching the F – 14s take off and land at night.

Every night, on my way home from college, I had to pass the Miramar Navy Base while driving the Interstate – 15 freeway, and that was usually the time when the F – 14s were taking off or landing, and the blazing red afterburners of the F – 14s always caught my eye. Everyone always slowed down to take a good look because it was amazing.

I went shopping and bought my very first ball dress, and it was expensive, but beautiful and I was happy and excited to go to my first ball. Everyone was dressed in their finest clothes, and there was a special dinner and free drinks.

I started drinking a “Russian Vodka,” called Stolis, served on the rocks with a twist of lemon and one olive. About six drinks later, I knew I had overdone it. Not enough food and too much to drink, I was having too much fun! I thought if I ate more food, everything was going to settle, but I was wrong. I continued to feel woozy and sick.

I had to excuse myself from the party and retire to the room that we rented for the night. Our friends who invited us to the ball thought it would be a good idea to rent a hotel room, so that we did not have to worry about driving home after the Tomcat ball. I was so glad they made that decision.

I experienced alcohol poisoning and started vomiting the second I made it up to the room. I never thought it was going to stop. I really learned a big lesson that night, and for the next three days, I was not able to eat very much without my stomach feeling woozy all over again.

That was the last time I drank Stoli’s on the rocks, and the last time I ever over -indulged with drinking because it was not worth the price, feeling sick for days. Every time I look at a bottle of Russian vodka, I remember the night at the Tomcat ball, when I overdid it!

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