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Mercury Retrograde Snafus

By Safina :: :: 6 comments


Mercury Retrograde

Ralf Kraft |

Another Retrograde — June 27th – July 21st

Mercury Retrograde Brings Unexpected Communication And Travel Snafus

Retrograde motion slows everything down and makes you wait. During retrograde motion you will be fighting against Mercury’s slowness because the planet is back peddling and bringing out unexpected snafus with communication and travel. During this period, there is much gossip, many glitches related to the radio, phone, computer, and internet, as well as local transportation glitches with cars, busses, planes and trains. Writers block occurs, with your mind feeling clouded and stuck, and unusual weather patterns will cause delays with communication and transportation.

P0temkin |

Cell Phone Problems

Andrey Vorkunkov |

Computer Problems

Vicspacewalker |

Transportation Problems

Ana Sousa |

You Might Get Lost

Bowie15 |

Unusual Weather Patterns

With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2013


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  1. melodie says:

    Safina — this is so perfect. I’ve already had to deal with almost every one of these things.. My computer crashed (blue screen of death); my phone went nutso for about a day, I had to put almost $500 into my car and (or someone close to me) have had several clients miss or misunderstand important appointments/ dates / plans etc.

    This is shaping up to be one very active Mercury retrograde!

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    • Safina says:


      So sorry! The shadow period got me, my computer started over heating, had to buy a new one, the gossip situation hit, and the weather is nasty too! I also missed an appointment which is unusual for me! Yep, this retrograde is a whopper!


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  2. Ilse Wenzel says:

    During the retrograde in Cancer until July 20th is is advisable to put a hosue on the market? or is it best to wait until the 20th or even the 22nd or would it make a difference since I had those plans for some time (meaning to sell the house?”
    Please let me know, I am puzzlws

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Put the house for sale, you cannot let retrograde stop you!

      Love Safina

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  3. Evan says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe that this site needs a great deal more attention.
    I’ll probably be returning to see more, thanks for the info!

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thanks for the message, and glad that you enjoyed the post! In the future, please do not include your blog, all messages with blogs will be sent to spam, thanks for understanding.

      Love Safina

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