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Integrity, Balance And Health

By Safina :: :: 2 comments

Temperance-LotusIntegrity, Balance And Health

The Path Of Temperance Asks You To Take A Look At Your Shadow Side And Be Honest With Yourself And Others...

You Also Need To Look At You’re Imperfections And Tendency To Over Perform That May Take You By Surprise...

You Need To Live In Moderation To Stay Balanced And Healthy...

The Story About Iris

In Mythic Tarot and Greek Mythology, you meet Iris (the goddess of the rainbow=she represents the elements of water and air). In legend, Thaumas (the sea god=water) married Electra (the goddess of the clouds=air) and they had several daughters, Aello, Celaeno, Oypete and Iris. Aello, Celaeno, and Oypete were known as the Harpies (the goddesses of the whirlwinds) because they brought storms and chaos wherever they went.

Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and she was the messenger that worked for the gods. In legend, Iris was chosen by the gods to carry the water from the River Styx, the river that represents the boundary between the earth and the underworld. The river water was magical because it was used to reveal the truth of a situation by the courts. Some say the gods had to drink the truth water under oath, making themselves vulnerable, and if they lied, or perjured themselves, it was said that the truth water took away their voice away or put the gods to sleep.

Iris holds a silver cup that represents the moon (something that is hidden) and she is pouring the magical river water from the silver cup into the golden cup and then back again. The golden cup represents the sun (the court), and when the water is mixed together, it represents the timing of a revelation (the truth that will be revealed to you).

Iris represents the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (the timing to heal your mind, body and spirit when you are ready to act with a pure heart). Iris hovers in your birth chart and it is said that she brings out liars, and cleanses the situation with integrity.

Have you ever told a white lie that turned out to be a disaster, or has another person that was close to you told a white lie that hurt you and messed up your balance? One way or another, the revelation of the truth seems to come out in the end, and you may find yourself scrambling to find your balance, and looking at another person’s integrity, or possibly your own!

My Interpretation Of Temperance

The Temperance card represents the balance of your spirit, mind and body. The tranquil whisper of your spirit cleanses your soul, rejuvenating and healing your emotional being by penetrating your core and leading to the balance that is so necessary. After all, being honest with yourself and others will bring you to a balanced middle ground, and always remember that moderation in everything you do is vital.

Of all of the Tarot cards, Temperance most reflects the virtues of balance and healing, which require you to love and take care of yourself. Temperance requires you to take it easy and ponder all decisions well before acting. At times, you will find yourself impatiently chafing against the slowness of life, but Temperance teaches you that true success and enlightenment come from the achievement of balance.

You must accept the shadow side of yourself, your imperfection and your tendency to over perform when you really want something. Once you accept your shadow side, you are on your way to true enlightenment. Temperance is “subtle,” which means you may experience an imbalance that may take you by surprise, requiring you to move with caution and care to avoid a sudden and intense impact. Temperance provides a chemical equation that, when solved, yields balance and health.

Everything you do in life requires the balancing of opposites. For example, the most abysmal feelings accompany failure and disappointment. The most celestial feelings attend success and growth. You need to try to balance those highs and lows in your life so that your spirit does not soar up and down like a roller coaster. You need to keep everything in perspective and understand the comparative difference.

There are two ways of thinking: The accountable way of thinking, you take your time because you do not want to be foolish and make a mistake. This is a winning method and will keep you balanced. The unaccountable way of thinking, you rush into the situation to get what you want without seeing the consequences. This is a losing situation that will keep you unbalanced.

Soul Contract

James Steidl |

Your Contract = Your Integrity


The Reverse Meaning Of The Temperance

The reverse meaning of the Temperance card is great emotional stress caused by your frustration and obsession to hurry the slower processes of life. You are not able to heal and find your balance. You feel stuck and unable to resolve your issues.

Too much work

Onion |

Always In A Hurry And Obsessed

The Pile Of Work Never Goes Away I Need To Work Faster


Life Lessons: Always remember, the Major Arcana represents major life lessons, so if the Temperance card comes out in the outcome of the reading, it represents that you are balanced, and have learned patience and moderation. You do not let everything upset you, and you have finally found your peaceful place within. You are not rushing around to do a million tasks at once. You are finally taking care of yourself, and connected to a higher vibration, a healthy one!

Temperance also represents the timing to heal your mind, body and spirit when you are ready to act with a pure heart. Iris hovers in your birth chart and it is said that she brings out liars, and cleanses the situation with integrity.

Reverse: When the Temperance card comes out in the reversed position, it represents that you feel off balance, you are lacking patience and moderation. You tend to let everything drive you, and you have not found your peaceful place within. You are rushing around to do a million tasks at once, and not taking care of yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed the Temperance card. Please let me know if a white lie comes out and shocks you, or if you told a white lie. Also let me know if you are always in a hurry and cannot find your middle ground!


With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2013


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  1. Reis Khoo says:

    Hello Safina,

    This temperance card came in when i drew for a daily outlook, and it came out couple of times on the free online readings when I try to find wisdom. There is no white lies, but I feel I am always in hurry and I need to work faster to finish my tasks. It is a habit. I’m trying to learn how to be moderate and find a balance.


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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thanks for the message! Glad that you liked the post and glad that no white lies came out for you.

      Love Safina

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