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Golden Angel Dust Is Falling Around Her

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Here is a picture of my friend that is protected by the angels. If you look closely, you will see the golden angel dust on the right side of the picture. This picture was taken by her son that said, “Mom, there is a ghost next to you!” “I am taking a picture of you with my phone and you are not going to believe this!”

My friend told me that she always felt there was an angel protecting her throughout her life. She lost her mother when she was very young and said that she always felt her mother was still close to her! She also said that she escaped trouble and the bad times and always felt the presence of protection around her. She said that everything that she has touched in her life has brought her gold, abundance, and happiness!

I met my friend Martha during my last job and we worked together for about five years. I was the one that was laid off and she was the one that was not. The company discontinued my position, and not hers. This was the time when the company had a massive lay off and restructured the company. Martha always said that she usually escaped hard times and further said that she felt that luck was always on her side for some reason.

I talked about my experience with my last job, later in the book, but I feel the reason my door closed with this company was because I was heading off in a new direction the universe chose for me. My calling to my new path happened on my fifth numerology cycle – the path of the Hierophant, in the Tarot – the timing represented the connection to my new role in spirituality and that I would work in a business to help others.

The Hierophant connects to the divine and is our internal spiritual leader that represents the importance of giving and helping others. The Hierophant is strongly connected to the planet of Jupiter which represents intelligence, abundance, growth, opportunity, and hearing the inner call from above.


With Love And Joy,


© Safina 2012

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