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Ghosts Hovering In My Dreams

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About the Swords: Truth – The Swords are connected to your thoughts, choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny. The Swords usually indicate a struggle or conflict, a possible decision about separating from past attachments.

The Sword Archetypes want to find the truth, which will shed light on their situation so that they can act on it, cut through their struggles and make the right decision.

The Swords represent your mental outlook with respect to communication and thought as well as the need to stay rooted within your consciousness (the now) and be aware of your comparative, inquisitive, analytical, and investigative perceptions.

The Sword Archetypes experience conflict, pain, anger and aggression, and are connected to the spring months in the northern hemisphere and the fall season in the southern hemisphere: The time of March 21 to June 21 and the season we are in right now!

The timing of the Swords is undetermined in my deck, because this Archetype wrestles with unresolved issues in their mind, but when the timing is on course, it all happens with sudden rapidity.

The Swords further represent the element of air, the season of spring, the color yellow, and the direction of the east. The Swords are associated with the astrological signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Their positive characteristics are their strength, authority, courage, ambition and desire to travel. The “Sword Archetypes” desire to seek the truth and are not afraid to call a “Spade a Spade”!

My interpretation of the Nine of Swords: The “Nine of Swords” is not a happy card to see in your reading because it represents deep-rooted mental pain. This card is called the nightmare card because of all the regret that one feels and the impossibility of going back to fix what has happened, and one’s regret causes the nightmares.

The number nine means there is an ending, and when this card comes out in the past position, there are deep issues that you felt responsible for. In the past, something went wrong. You know you cannot fix it, and you are still feeling the sadness from that time in your life.

The situation may also reflect your childhood and the relationship that you had with your parents or with a close friend or lover that instilled you with the sadness that you are still feeling today.

If the “Nine of Swords” comes out in the present situation, it may reflect the current pain and stress that you are feeling right now. There may be a lot of stress caused by another person, and you are starting to feel a deep loss and have regrets because of the choice that you made.

Your partner may have cheated on you, lied to you or broken up with you because they are seeing another person. They may have deceived you, or the two of you may have had a terrible argument that ended badly.

About the symbolism of the Nine of Swords: The sky is black, representing a lack of understanding at a late hour of the night. The Sword Archetype is having a bad dream or nightmare about their love life with a person who was very close. The Archetype is wracked by pain and great fear, because the dream they just had upset the Archetype enormously.

Dreams reflect the events of your life, and their analysis will reward you with a greater self-understanding and perspective. Dreams are a part of your life and express an important part of yourself. The Archetype is wondering about the reason for this particular dream and its significance.

Sigmund Freud thought dreams served as windows into our psyches that revealed our unfulfilled wishes, and the Archetype is scared that their dream is really going to come true, and leave them with unfulfilled wishes.

The Archetype is standing on gray pebbles, the color gray representing uncertainty, and this is how the Archetype feels after having the dream. The gray pebbles represent something very important, and one is reminded to take care of the large pebbles or rocks first because those are the things that really matter most in a partnership.

There are three (3) ghosts hovering behind a pile of gray rocks, the color gray representing uncertainty and each ghost is holding three (3) swords. The number 3 times the number 3 = the sum of 9, the number 9 representing endings. The Archetypes turbulent thoughts leave them uncertain as to whether they are at an ending with their love life. The Archetype fears that their relationship will end after the argument they had with their lover.

The Swords represent the area of conflict and confusion the Archetype had with a person that was close to them. The Archetype is feeling disappointed, emotional, and sad. The Archetype wants to be alone and needs their privacy so that they can figure out how they are going to face what lies ahead. The Archetype knows it will take time to come to terms with what has happened, but they will eventually grow from their experience and learn a valuable lesson from it.

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Ghosts Are Hovering In My Subconscious



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© Safina 2012


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