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By Safina :: :: 8 comments

Queen of Cups-lotusThe Queen of Cups comes out and says it’s time for another free reading!

The Queen has acquired vast knowledge through her life experiences and is a good counselor, if you are disposed to listen to her. She is sensitive, passionate, and determined.

The zodiac sign of Scorpio matches the Queen’s personality because she always leads with their heart and reacts to everything emotionally.

The “Queen of Cups” represents a woman that is emotional, nurturing and determined.  I am delivering a message to you (by email) and you will not have to wait very long before you hear from me again, because the timing of the Queen of Cups is very fast!

The Queen of Cups is numerated 13, a number that represents a monumental timing! When you think about the number 13, do you think about Friday the 13th, the day of bad luck, broken mirrors, and the black cat that walked across your path? The Queen of Cups does not represent bad luck, she represents the timing card in my deck, the timing of a free reading that will be delivered to you!

It’s time for another “Free Tarot Card Reading!” If you are interested in being selected, you’ll need to be an existing Lotus-LivePerson client that I have read for in the past. You must message me within the next 24 hours, and I will put your name in the hat, and I’ll get back to you within the next 48 hours if you are selected.

When you message me, I will need your LivePerson screen name, and make sure you write down your name, date of birth, and your question. I will post your reading very soon, and I wish you the very best of luck!


Starblue |

My Great Grandmother Said, “Timing Is The Queens Job And She Always Follows Through!”


Good Luck!

With Love and Joy,




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  1. gennifyr says:

    It took me seven hours to get my password again so if I’m late, I started doing this note to enter for the free reading in time (right?)
    My name is Jennifer, born June 12, 1981 at 1pm roughly in Boston, (same hospital my 3/23/13 baby Katja was born at 6:48pm!)
    So my boyfriend, Scott, born 12/18/74, was abusive and controlling and horrible and apparently sadistic and once I realized he couldn’t tell the difference between right and wrong, I broke up with him for the fourth time. To make it stick I changed my social media status
    Each time I dumped him before, he changed the locks took the plates off my car and did something to destroy my life until I took him back to make it stop.
    But we have a little baby (4 mo at the time) and he wouldn’t stop yelling in front of her, exposing her to violence, and just vulgar language...
    But this time I dont even have a license and I’m on the lease (refused to move here unless he let me go on the lease; finally after 3 moves – not counting the battered women’s shelter – I had the brains to make sure of it. So I knew he’d do something messed up but I figured my main things were secure.
    He took out a BS restraining order against me and took custody away accusing me of drug use! I went to court with paperwork proving my “did not” and getting her back. He wasn’t living at the apt but during my emergency hearing, he told the judge he would revise the restraining order to allow me, who was awarded nighttime custody plus two full weekend days 48hrs, to return to the apt, and to let me go to work (we worked at the same place, him overnights, me first shift to train, we would never even see each other)
    Well he never did and I was homeless with the baby for 9 days til the restraining order hearing. His was dismissed and mine wad effected for one year.
    So my infant no longer eats my part time clerk position in motel room costs, but I still only have a part time dummy job. (seems ridiculous considering what I can do; for instance he has a $500 per appearance lawyer and I defended myself; used to be a paralegal intern, that’s all)

    So that’s my position; my question is this:
    BAE Systems (located half the walk as 7-11) is hiring and for the same position I lost at Magellan Aerospace cuz of my ex.
    Also Chilis is hiring and they pay really good
    BAE would also be a month and a half hiring process. 7-11 sucks but its close and gives me time with Katja
    Chilis is a bit further but if get paid an extra $4 per hr plus maybe tips
    BAE would be a good career choice but id have to either find a good babysitter to take third shift or else I’d have to spend the whole day at work and never see my baby.
    plus right now I need time to play lawyer and paralegal myself to prep for the custody hearing. He gets her all her awake time and he doesn’t feed her, put properly sized clothes on her, or play with her, all are her awake hours. Also I think he’s crazy. I need to get soul custody, I need to prep my case to dispute him coming to take my furniture, I need to figure out how to get child support...
    So more money would make everything surrounding this easier, but if I’m working too much and don’t have enough time left to put together s solid case, I’ll fail my little girl.

    so which job should I take? Chili’s, BAE, keep 7-11, take both 7-11 and Chili’s...
    I need at least one question answered and solved by someone else other than me; there are too many decisions and burdens i have to decide as it is!!

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    • Safina says:

      Hello babe,

      O my goodness, what a heartfelt message! I already did the reading, but you can enter next week, just make sure to send your LivePerson screen name, your dob, and your question. You have to be one of my clients that I have read for in the past. I will look for your entry next week in the Lotus messages or my LivePerson messages.

      Good Luck,
      Love Safina

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  2. gennifyr says:

    Ohhhh.... Not having tine could you just advise mw being a woman of extra wisdom without a reading? And now she’s coming coming dirty unfed clothes too small he won’t change the hours to fit around mt actual.hours... I wanna move up the custody days but I’m not ready for the full thing... But this isn’t working in so scared for her ...should I go for it?

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  3. gennifyr says:

    Custody date I mean...not ready for the final.hearing but I gotta do something

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  4. tweety69xxx says:

    I recently got an email with of the FOUR OF CUPS. But i have nothing to celebrate. My life is nuts rt now. What i do hope and wish for is never going to happen. So.... Idk. Here is my wish. I wish and hope for happiness, peace, a nice home. A happy life.

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    • Safina says:

      Hello babe,

      Thanks for the message! You stay positive! Something is going to take a turn for the better!

      Love Safina

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  5. tweety69xxx says:

    Typo i ment FOUR OF WANDS

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