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Do You Have Special Gifts?

By Safina :: :: 16 comments

Piccia Neri |

Did You Know That We All Have Special Gifts?

Have You Ever Had A Strange Experience?

Here Are Some Of My Experiences – Enjoy The Read!


White Light: Years before the onset of writing my Tarot Book I started seeing white light every night when I closed my eyes before falling asleep. The white light looked like billowy white clouds, ghosts or angels flying around in my eyes.

I later realized the white light was connected to the divine and something bigger. I did not go into meditation to see the white light; the white light came to me. White light represents the connection to the spiritual world and the divine.

Clairvoyance: I started seeing colorful visions and I was shown different symbols. This was the very beginning of my psychic abilities opening up. My spiritual connection was communicating to me with symbols. Clairvoyance represents the ability of seeing something with your third eye, or inner eyes connected to the divine.

Claircognizance: I realized I had the ability to know something about a situation or a person, and I just knew. I also realized that our crown chakra is connected to the soul which knows about your past, present and future.

Precognition represents the future and knowing what will happen through your dreams or visions. Retrocognition represents the past and knowing about the past through your dreams and visions.

Did you ever feel that you already knew the person you had just met, and really felt you met this person in the past, but you also felt this person was connected to the future?

Have you ever felt or knew how something was going to play out for you in the end, and you just knew what was going to happen! Claircognizance represents knowing about the past, present or future.

Clairaudience: I started hearing voices from the spirit world. One night, I was really upset because I was stood up for a date and it really crushed me.

I went to bed that night and four different voices came and talked to me, each had a different accent and they told me that I had to forgive and understand this person because he was not ready and had a lot of healing to go through.

The spiritual connection told me that he had to resolve his issues, and find himself again, but I was also told that he was coming back in my life. Clairaudience represents communicating with the spiritual world and hearing their voice.

• The First Voice: The first voice said, “You have to forgive him.”

• The Second Voice: The second voice said, “He is coming back in my life after he heals.”

• The Third Voice: I asked the third voice why this happened, and the voice said, “We do not have this in the land that we live in.” I said, “That’s nice, but I have this in the land that I live in!” This voice clearly stated, “I live in a different realm where everything is different and we do not hurt each other.”

• The Fourth Voice: The last voice said, “You are going to meet up with him again and resolve everything.”

Clairsentience: I realized that I had a strong gut feeling and was very sensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings. I usually received a bad feeling in my gut when something was not right.

I have struggled with sensitivity most of my life. When I meet someone and they do not like me, I usually pick up how they feel right away and my sensitivity has always bothered me.

Clairsentience represents that you can feel another person’s emotions in your gut or abdominal area which gives you a good or uneasy feeling about a person or the situation. This is the connection to your solar plexus and how your gut reacts.

Clairalience: I realized people will take your personal items from you, such as clothing or something very personal because the item has your perfume or scent, and they want to be able to be close to you by smelling your scent.

I also realized that I could smell a person’s scent, even after they had left my life. Clairalience represents that you are close to a person’s spirit or a person that has passed. Their spirit is close to you because you can smell their scent, perfume, cologne, cooking or their favorite flowers.

Telepathy: I realized that I could communicate with another person and send information to them. I once sent my friend a message when I mediated.

My friend called me days later to tell me that they had the craziest dream and I was in it and further explained the dream to me. Telepathy represents the ability to send and receive information.

Empathy: I realized that I had empathic abilities. I experienced and felt the same feelings that another person was going through. Empathy represents the emotional state of another person and that you are able to feel and experience another person’s emotional state.

Aura: I realized that I could see auras and a person’s energy field. I met the Master Chin Yin from China and saw her aura and energy field when I was at her retreat learning Qigong.

Qigong is meditative exercises that involves breathing, different movements of exercise, and represents a mental imagery that is powerful, which helps you build a strong flow of your body’s energy. Qigong helps you prevent disease and will advance you spiritually. Aura represents seeing a colorful energy field or the aura around that person.

Astral Projection: I learned that I could explore astral planes. I learned how to find the vortex in the universe which led me to another land and realm. I ended up on my own personal island during the Full Moon and met my spiritual connection. Astral projection represents the ability to explore other astral planes.

Pendulum And Dowsing: I learned how to use the pendulum as a dowsing tool and I let my spiritual connection guide the pendulum. The pendulum is a tool that is charged with energy which is like a magnet that is charged with positive and negative energies.

The pendulum also represents a psychic dowsing tool that picks up the energies of the spirit world, your subconscious mind, and the energies that you are surrounded with.

Meditation: I meditate every night before I fall to sleep and this is the time that I usually receive information from the spiritual world. Meditation will help you advance and support your psychic abilities.

Shielding and Protection: I learned that I had to set up a shield of protection around myself on a daily basis to repel off all the negative energies that affected my mind.

I saw the Archangel Metatron in a vision and was shown that I needed to protect myself by using the Metatron protection bubble. Shielding and protection will protect your mind from negative energies that will affect your focus and how you feel about yourself and others.

© Safina 2011



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  1. Wynne White says:

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge, understanding and reminders!!! ...especially Metatron’s protection bubble.
    Luv your Blog have been a member of LotusTarot for quite sometime

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      So happy that you enjoyed the post! The Archangel Metatron visited me one night, and put me inside a bubble and said you have to protect your mind! Thought I would share my experience. Thank you for the email, and if you need a reading come see me some time!

      Love Safina

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  2. Jan says:

    Thank you Safina for sharing your information....I enjoyed the read!
    I am interested in Metatron’s protective bubble that you have mentioned and have never heard about it before now. How can we learn to set this bubble up?

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    • Safina says:

      I would love to share the bubble with you babe! lets set up a live reading and i will give you the special metatron prayer bubble.

      Love Safina

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  3. Charles says:
    this was my favorite gift last Christmas, normal, right?

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  4. Debbie says:

    Safina it is so comforting to read of your experiences, so many I can relate to and it’s almost like a confirmation knowing someone else has had the exact same experiences. I especially like White Light because I also see this when I close my eyes before sleeping.

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Good to hear that you see white light too, I love seeing that before I fall to sleep it makes me feel loved.

      Thanks for the email.

      Love Safina

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  5. Karina says:

    I’m Karina from Indonesia. Although my English is not really fluent but I do really exciting to read your blogs.

    That’s so really awesome. some people may have a gift but sometimes they can’t realize as you do.

    I agree to your writes over all but there is one thing I would like to know:
    How to do correct meditation...

    You know dear, in my country we still believe to mystic...:) if we let our mind empty so the evil able to come in...hehehe...sound silly, isn’t it...

    Please teach me how to do correctly....:)


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    • Safina says:

      Did you want to come for a live reading babe, let me know, they have a 2.00 special for first time users, would be glad to share how I mediate! I do not empty the mind, I just turn it off!

      Love Safina

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  6. Lola says:

    Hej Safina. I come from Denmark, hope you can read it-understand it. I have heard some one call my name heard it 3 times dont still now who ? I have allso see small pieaces rainbow over a persons head ? My answer is do i have some gift i can use ? Thanks Lola <3

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      We all have special gifts! And you were connecting with your gift to connect to your angels and spirit guides.

      Love Safina

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  7. April says:

    Hi Safina

    Love reading your comments and yes I have read about using a bubble method to protect our minds,a lot of the time its remembering to do it on an ongoing basis. That is my downfall, not being consistant with protecting myself or having set times for meditation. But, I love forever trying to get it right!

    God bless

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Thanks for the email, well I use the protection bubble every morning. The prayer is the first thing I do every morning! You will get the hang of it!

      love Safina

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  8. chona says:

    Hi,eversince i register in your site,i always got excited seing your mail to me,and it help me somehow in my daily basis since its not just a kind of reading but at the same time full of wisdom,you know, ive been said that i have a special gift only unique to me..well the first time i heard it i dont really understand until one seeing vision,im always having vivid dreams about my life and the people i love and lost,im hearing sounds which i dont understand either,i sometimes smell perfume but no one is around,and its very good smell,and a couple of days back,on the top of a building where me and my sister currently staying,i went up and you can see the whole city all the way down,and wherever my eyes laid on a particular place for just say 10-15 min after that there is fire and it happened to me twice.i got so scared,just yesterday it happened again then after that when i looked up i saw very vibrant differnt colors sorrounds on the clouds,from,purple to red to green to yellow,to blue and then like white but shining,God please help whats does these all means.sometimes i feel its really creepy, and i feel differnt and weird.and very sensitive i can even read other people’s mind,isn’t strange? and lastly why theres always a thunderstom when i go out even on broadest light day? help, i need enlightment pls.

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Your message was very interesting and I feel that you do have special gifts! We all have gifts in many areas and I feel that your gifts are there and they need to be developed more. I am here if you want to come and talk about what you are gong through, I went through that in the very beginning as well.

      Love Safina

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