Congratulations Reis!

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Congratulations Reis, you are the winner of the free tarot reading this week!

You’re Jupiter Return

Reis: You’re going through your 2rd Jupiter return, and Jupiter returns happen every 12 years, at the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48... The planet Jupiter will be moving through your 1st house of personality and will stay in this house for 1 year.

The 1st house of your natal birth chart represents your initiative and drive to go after what you want, and this is the reason that you want to complete your education first, and then go after romance, but you also feel close to completing your goals, and making the leap forward with romance. Every 12 years, Jupiter returns to its home base, meaning the same spot the planet was located on the day of your birth.

With Jupiter in your 1st house, Jupiter always brings you into something new, and this transit represents the beginning of something that you’re ready to go after, a love life, but you also have to be careful during this transit because Jupiter is the “BIGGEST PLANET” and it’s parked in your 1st house of personality.

The 1st house is where your ego lives in your birth chart, with Jupiter being the biggest planet, it will blow up your ego, and you might make some enemies, or rub people the wrong way. Jupiter makes you feel lucky, but this planet will also make you feel overconfident, falling into error, and it will affect your ego. So you need to be careful this year, especially when you feel your ego starts growing, and you feel overconfident!

About Capricorn And The 2nd Decan

Reis, you’re a Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign (you are a natural initiator), ruled by the planet Saturn (the planet of duty, the harsh taskmaster that sent you off to finish your education). You’re also influenced by your 2nd decan, the planet Venus (what you love and desire to have).

Reis, Capricorns fear that they are not going to live up to their personal expectations. They worry about security and cannot stand to be embarrassed in public because of their terrible fear of looking foolish.

Did you know that each zodiac sign is divided into 3 divisions, which are (3 decans of 10 degrees each). Each decan represents the sub-ruler of a particular zodiac sign, and each decan also has a different sub-ruler, and this is the reason why all Capricorn’s are not created equal. The ruler of the first decan (0° – 10°) = Saturn, the ruler of the second decan (10° – 20°) = Venus, and the ruler of the third decan (20° – 30°) = Mercury.

You were born during the time of December 29 to January 12 = the second decan, the midpoint of Capricorn: If the Sun is in the middle of Capricorn, you are more balanced and have great perseverance. Your goals are set, and you will work on them to completion, understanding that everything takes time. You are influenced by your sub-ruler, the planet Venus (you have your eyes on what you want, and need to feel secure and safe, you work hard and have a zest for life, and nothing stops you from going after what you want).

You’re Tarot Reading

1-The Justice card comes out in the present situation, and this card represents responsibility and accountability, suggesting that you need to stay accountable and responsible until you finish your studies. Fortunately, you already knew that, but the first card comes out reminding you to finish your education first, before you leap forward into a serious relationship.

2-The 2 of Pentacles crosses and represents the helpful or challenging energies that you’re going through right now. This card is called the juggler card, and it suggests that you’re juggling all the demands that are made on you right now and dealing with your situation, this card shows that you are the experienced juggler!

I also see this card as a boat card too, because there are 2 boats sailing in the background of this card. They name boats after woman because they are beautiful, but boats also represents a goal that you are working hard on achieving. In the background of this card the current of the ocean is really choppy and almost sinking the boats, but the word “Almost” means it never happened, so the boats are not going to sink because you are handling the situation.

3-The 2 of Wands crosses and comes out in the basis of the situation and the past. This card represents the past and that you had a plan and a big goal to obtain for your future (your education). This card shows that you are looking out over the ocean and waiting for the boat to come in (the completion of your education).

4-The 6 of Swords comes out in the immediate past and what is behind you. This card shows that you had to move away from your current environment to achieve your goal. This is the card that represents the thoughts in your mind, and that you had to make a heartfelt decision that was not easy to do. You had to separate from your current environment to achieve your goal, and you had to postpone your love life.

5-The 4 of Swords comes out in your thoughts regarding the situation. The Swords represent the thoughts in your mind, and they also represent separating from the past. This card shows a person that is lying on a tomb, in a church, thinking about the past and what they had to leave behind, or what they had to give up, and in your case it was being in a serious relationship because of completing your education. You’re not letting yourself fall in love, or fall into the emotional rollercoaster of relationships, because you do not want to mess up your education.

6-The 2 of Swords comes out in the immediate future and what is about to happen. The 2 of Swords shows a woman sitting at the crossroads (the gate) before she leaps onto her new direction. There is a Crescent Moon is this card that represents endings and new beginnings, so this card reflects that you are alone right now, waiting at the gate, and that you are ready to meet your destiny head on. The woman in this card is also blindfolded and this represents that she is not sure when the transition is going to happen, but she sure feels change coming.

7-The 5 of Pentacles comes out in your fears and emotional concerns regarding your situation (school and love). This is a nasty card, and I saw this card in a vision when spirit flashed this card to be 3 times. The 5 of pentacles represents an impending change that was going to cause 3 losses (the card was flashed to me 3 times) in my life and make me feel sick, and the nasty change all happened within 3 weeks! But thank goodness this card comes out in your fears and not what’s going to happen. This card says that you have a fear of failure, loss, and sickness.

8-The 7 of Cups comes out in your environment and this position represents how others see you. This card represents the 7 deadly sins or the daydreamer card. In your case this card represents the daydreamer, and that your dreams seem too far away, and still in the clouds, because you are not where you want to be right now.

9-The 2 of Cups comes out in your hopes and this is the committed relationship card and the marriage card, and you are hoping that you’re going to find the right partner, or the right committed relationship that is going to lead to marriage.

10-The 8 of Wands comes out in the outcome and this card is called the communication, travel, and cupid card all in one. This card is telling you that you’re going to meet someone that is going to sweep you off your feet, because it represents the cupid card, and you’re going to feel like you got hit with the cupid love arrows (Venus + Mars). This card also represents that there is going to be sudden communication, or travel in the future.

11-The Knight of Cups crosses and I usually do not trust this Knight unless he is surrounded by positive cards and he is, YEAH, so this card represents the good Knight that will be coming in your life, and he is looking for a romantic relationship, and will want to court you.

12-The 3 of Cups crosses and this is called the celebration card, and is also the friendship card showing that you have made a new friend, so it looks like you start out as friends with this new person that comes in your life. This card represents going to parties, getting together with your friends, or making new friends, but the feeling of this card is really nice because it represents that you are happy and associated with the right group of people. The 3 of Cups is also associated with your graduation, parties, receptions, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and big social events.

13-The Lovers card comes out on the last card and this is called the soul mate card, and it shows 2 people are coming together. This card represents 2 people bonding together as one and they say the appearance of the Lover’s card represents a serious committed relationship that may lead to marriage in the future.

You’re Question

Reis: In the last reading, you mentioned that my outcome was related to my graduation and that there would be a celebration with loved ones and friends, and you also mentioned about a love interest.

Safina: Well the 3 of Cups came out again in the outcome, see card 12, I explained the card in detail for you!

Reis: I would like to find out about my love interest, again this is very general, I’d love to know when, how, where will I meet my romantic soul mate and what’s unfolding in future?

Safina: The love interest came out with cards 10, 11, and 13 in your outcome. The cards says that you are going to get hit with the cupid love arrows (Venus + Mars) and there is going to be sudden communication, and you’re going to feel like got swept off your feet. The Knight of Cups crossed and represents love and romance, an invitation, and that he wants to court you. Plus the Lovers card crosses and this is the soul mate card, and making the right choice, and they say that the Lovers card leads to a committed relationship and marriage.

Safina: When, how and where = the time of graduation, and there is a connection with new friends that you’re going to meet, and a party, and you may meet him there.

Reis: What’s unfolding in future?

Safina: A relationship, and it looks like a serious one too!

Reis: With all my circumstances right now, juggling between work, finance, and studies, is it wise to be involve in love? They say timing is important in a relationship, I am quite interested in that.

Safina: Starting a new relationship with everything that you have got going on right now is not a good idea, you’ll feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends, it’s way too much! Well the timing is upon you because you are on the onset of your 2rd Jupiter return, and the planet Jupiter represents your fate and destiny, a turn for the better, and you’re lucky 4 leaf clover!

Taking a risk

Redwine2001 |

A New Relationship



With Love and Joy,

© Safina 2013


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  1. reiskh says:

    Woo hoo! I love the headline, thank you so very much for this reading! :grin:

    I’ve always remember your boat card and I love how you relate the boat with beautiful women. I love it!

    Ah, the five pentacles! Woo hoo, what a beautiful nightmare, thank goodness it’s all over now for you, but you’re so right on that about me! Your readings are always spot on! And the two of swords, so right on, i definitely feel the change, it all come down to the timing!

    What a tough paper I had today, fingers cross and I am all set to graduate after this Friday if everything goes well, thank you for the heads up!

    May I ask you a question, when you mentioned the Knight of Cups that i’ll be meeting, does that relate to a water element sign man? Or it does not relate at all, it could be the personality being influence by the water element or? I am just curious :)

    Does the 8 of wands also represent an apprentice? or maybe a career? :)

    Woo hoo, I am looking forward to the second Jupiter in my house next year and hope Ill bring you some good news on our next reading! :)

    Thank you so very much for all this AMAZING HELPFUL ADVISES, INSIGHTS and am loving the new twist (Jupiter, Capricorn, 2nd house ) readings of yours!!
    I feel so lucky and blessed :)

    Warmest regards,

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    • Safina says:

      May I ask you a question, when you mentioned the Knight of Cups that i’ll be meeting, does that relate to a water element sign man? Or it does not relate at all, it could be the personality being influence by the water element or? I am just curious :)

      The Knight of Cups is related to the water element, so its possible the man that comes in your life is a water sign.

      Does the 8 of wands also represent an apprentice? or maybe a career? :)

      The 8 of Wands is also connected to career, a message coming to you about your career, because the Wands relate to career as well.

      Love Safina

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