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Congratulations Genice

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You Are The Winner Of The Free Tarot Reading



Name: Genice


Question: I’ve had a personal goal of starting my own magazine. The idea came to be years ago and this past year, I started putting things together – getting writers, putting up a website, etc. But I’ve hit a few bumps in the road and I’m unsure if this will be a lasting thing. My question is: Am I going down the correct path with this magazine?

Answer: Yes you are going down the right road, the timing is your Jupiter return, and you are on the onset of it right now! And what steps do I need to take to ensure its’ success and longevity? Answer: Just keep that eye of the tiger, and keep going, and every time you hit a road block, you work through it, until you leap over it, success will come! Just believe in yourself!

My career is really important. You’ve given me advice many times on the job that I’m currently at. And the environment is unhealthy and some of the people are untrustworthy and underhanded. And although I’m going with this job for security, I’m wondering when will I have the chance to break from this and find something that fits?

Answer: You’re going to stay with the job that you currently have until your magazine, or a new prospect comes up. You’re going to deal with the situation at work and push through the stress right now, but I also feel that you’re going to come into another opportunity that leads you to your comfort zone with your work which also comes during the Jupiter return!

Genice: You’re going through your 3rd Jupiter return, and Jupiter returns happen every 12 years, at the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48... The planet Jupiter will be transiting through your 1st house of personality and will stay in this house for 1 year. Right now, Jupiter is in your 12th house getting ready to leap into your 1st house.

The 1st house of your natal birth chart represents your initiative and drive to go after what you want, and this is the reason that you are wanting to start this magazine and live your dreams, you already feel the leap. Every 12 years, Jupiter will return to its home base, meaning the same spot the planet was located on the day of your birth.

With Jupiter in your 1st house, Jupiter always brings you into something new, and this transit represents the beginning of something that you’re going after, but you also have to be careful during this transit because Jupiter is the “BIGGEST PLANET” and it’s parked in your 1st house of personality.

The 1st house is where your ego lives in your birth chart, with Jupiter being the biggest planet, it will blow up your ego, and you might make some enemies, or rub people the wrong way. Jupiter makes you feel lucky, but this planet will also make you feel overconfident, and it will affect your ego. So you need to be careful this year, especially when you feel your ego starts growing!

Genice, you’re a Gemini, a mutable air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury (communication, and I call Mercury the roadrunner, because it travels through the entire zodiac in 88 days). You’re also influenced by your 2nd decan, the planet Venus (what you love and desire to have, Venus is not only about love, it’s also about what you really want).

You’re a doer and communicate by means of your keen intellect and mental outlook. You’re energetic, charismatic and witty and you like new experiences. You get restless and bored, requiring change, and sometimes slipping into error because of your restlessness. But you’re immensely adaptable and flexible and exude a magnetic, intellectual personality. Did you know that you were born a natural communicator and writer, this is the reason that you want to create this magazine! Gemini’s are natural writers, writing is in your blood!


Let’s See What The Cards Say...


1-The 7 of Swords comes out in your current situation and the Swords represent the thoughts in your mind, or a struggle, and they also represent separating from your past attachments. This card says that things are too hard and you feel like running for the hills, and giving up! I call this card the escape artist in my deck, Houdini...

2-The 2 of Cups crosses the situation and this card represents the helpful or challenging energies. The 2 of Cups represents 2 people coming together, or 2 things coming together, and there is a lot of magic in this card because it’s loaded with your feelings. You really want, and desire to get your magazine started.

3-The Knight of Wands crosses and comes out in the basis of the reading and the past and the Knights represent movement and action, and the Knights work for the ROYAL COURT, in the Tarot. The Knight is on a mission to get something done, and he is action driven. He is related to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, the explorer, and the hooves of the Knight’s horse are rearing off the ground, representing the speed and intensity of how fast he is driving his horse. You have worked your bunz off to get the magazine up and running, but this card comes out in the past position, saying that you feel stifled in uncertainty, because nothing has worked out the way you planned.

4-The King of Swords crosses and comes out in the immediate past, and this card represents that you thought everything through, with moving forward with your magazine, and you made the decision to go for it, but you also feel that you’re not getting anywhere, because this card comes out in the past. The King of Swords wears red boots, and they represent his desires with each step that he takes. This card position makes you feel like you’re defeated, and nothing is going to work out, and you might have to separate yourself from your dream.

5-The Knight of Cups crosses and comes out above and this card position represents the universe and the thoughts that are going on in your head right now. The Knight of Cups is full of feelings, and he is related to the zodiac sign of Pisces, and possessed with emotions, but he is also a dreamer with big plans and a seasoned traveler. This card says that you’re not giving up, you’re going to give it another try.

You have a dream, you’re going to follow through with this dream, because your dreams are very important! You are the Knight of Cups, in this card position, and you’re not going to allow yourself to be defeated. Always remember, the Knights works for the Royal Court and will follow through, nothing stops the Knights, so this card position is saying that you’re not going to give up!

6-The Page of Cups comes out in the immediate future and this card represents the messenger card and relates to a message that you’re going to receive or send to someone about the magazine. The Page of Cups is very fast and the timing on this card is usually 1 to 11 days. He wears a blue feather in his beret which represent his status as the young warrior, on a mission to deliver messages, and the color blue suggests he is a water sign.

Did you know that eagle feathers were once worn by young Indian boys who earned this privilege by proving their bravery and loyalty with earning a new feather for each brave act accomplished? This card says that you’re a warrior on a mission!

7-The Emperor in reverse comes out in your fears and this card represents a strong person that has all their ducks in a row and is in control of their environment in the upright position. The Emperor wears steel boots, power and ambition define the Emperor, whom assumes command of his own life as well as his environment, body, temper, instincts, and affairs of his heart. The wants and needs of others cannot hope to control his aggressive, brave, bold, and commanding figure.

But this card comes out in the reversed position, in your fears, saying that you feel off, and that you’re not in control. This card position is suggesting that you’re beating yourself up, and letting your fears get the best of you. Fear is powerful and will stop you straight in your tracts if you let it. Don’t fear stop you!

8-The 4 of Pentacles in reverse crosses and comes out in the environment, this card represents a person that is a workaholic. In the upright position, this card is called the “Ebenezer Scrooge” card in my deck. His material possessions are on top of his head, clutched around his arms, and yet more “Pentacles” are firmly planted under his feet. His “Pentacles” are the only thing that he wants to focus on, and he does not have time for others, all he wants is to add more “Pentacles” to his wealth!

Because this card came out in the reversed position it represents that you are not at the place that you want to be right now, everything is falling away from you, but there is a positive side to this: Remember that success also carries a heavy burden, because you’ll find yourself living inside your own walls, detached from the world to achieve success. The Four of Pentacles” represents a person that is financially stable and secure, and this person is very protective of his riches, and all he wants to do is work. He has become a person that lives on his own island and has isolated himself from other people to reach his goals.

9-The 10 of Cups comes out in your hopes, and this card represents that you’re hoping for the completion of your wishes. With the number 9, you complete a cycle which may represent the completion of something good and the goals that you have worked so hard to obtain. Always remember that the number 9 represents a new beginning that is in front of you!

10-The 4 of Wands comes out in the outcome and represents that you’re at the point in your life when you have moved on to a new direction, and everything you worked on is at the harvest point of successful conclusion. This may be a time of marriage, a solid business venture, or something that you have been working on that has finally come to a stage of completion. So the outcome says that you’re going to achieve this dream, and not give up!

11-The Fool crosses and represents a new beginning and a new direction for you. The upright position of the Fool represents that you’re exploring a new career with your magazine, but this is going to be your part time job outside your day job, until everything has reached a comfortable place. The Fool here can mean that something new also falls into your lap that can be beneficial to your professional life which will take you into broader areas of your career.

12-The Spirit card crosses and represents the artist card, your spirit, and your creativity. This card comes out in the immediate future, sending you a two-fold message. The first message comes from your spirit, your spirit is telling you that you’re following the right path, and to never give up on your dreams. This card is connected to the energies of planet Uranus (unexpected changes) and the planet Venus (what you love and want the most). The second message asks you to delve into your creativity and take it for a spin, because you have wonderful talents that need to be explored, and this relates to your magazine!


With Love and Joy,


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  1. coolblue77 says:

    Hi Safina,

    Thank you so much for the reading! Your words and insight has been very helpful. I was completely shocked when I saw that I won the free reading. I’m so grateful for the advice. I really needed to hear this.I’m always asking about my career, because I usually struggle with my fears and insecurities of failing and not becoming what I was meant to be. But, you are confirming things and informing me of things in my life that speak to my heart. And again, I am thankful for that.

    So, I will listen and trust myself more to really push forward with this magazine.

    God Bless.

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      So glad that you liked the reading and do not give up on the magazine, it will come, in time! I truly believe that our destiny was plotted out from the day that we were born, and you were born a writer!

      Love Safina

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